Lula to give the people of Brazil the right to dream

“We have to give back to the Brazilian people the right to smile, the right to eat, the right to study, the right to fraternity and solidarity, the right to return to being human and not an algorithm, as they want to be,” Lula noted during a meeting with professionals and specialists from the field of education in Porto Alegre, the state capital.

He insisted, “We have a duty to restore the Brazilian people’s right to dream, to believe that this country of 8.5 million square kilometers, 215 million people, and 520 years of history cannot remain poor, cannot continue to starve…, no He can continue to be illiterate, and he cannot continue to die of malnutrition.”

The PT founder also hailed the duo with former Sao Paulo governor Geraldo Alcumen to run in the October elections, as the coalition around his candidacy aims to unite the country’s decency and those who value love rather than hate. and “they know the value of a book is much more than a handgun.”

On the eve of his visit to the territorial division, Lula, in an interview with Radio Bandeirantes, advocated saving national sovereignty so that Brazil could once again grow economically and improve the lives of the population.

According to the former union leader, it is the policy of the government of far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro to dismantle public companies and weaken the state, putting the country in the current situation, with hunger, inflation and unemployment.

He added that one example of this is what is happening with the state oil company with mixed economy Petrobras, which the current administration insists on being sold.

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“The president of Petrobras is subordinate to the political tendencies of the Brazilian state. Lula recalls, although the people do not have the majority of shares, the government refers to the board and the owner (of the company) is determined by the board of directors.

In this way, the Labor leader showed that Bolsonaro was lying when he said he was not responsible for the rise in fuel prices.

In another part of the interview, Lula pointed out that sovereignty and development are inseparable, and that only a strong state committed to the quality of life of the population makes the necessary investments for the country to grow and improve people’s lives.

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