Lula believes that the people will end fascism in Brazil – Juventud Rebeldi

Brasilia, 24 March. – Former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva confirmed today that if he wins the elections in October, the people will end fascism in Brazil, in an apparent reference to the government of far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro.

“If the polarization continues like this until September, I am sure that the Brazilian people will deal a blow to fascism and restore democracy in Brazil,” Lula declared during an interview with newspaper O Tempo and Radio Super Notícia.

Regarding the possibility of Bolsonaro’s re-election, the Labor founder questioned whether the former military would get enough votes to compete in the second round of elections. He indicated that if he took office as a candidate for the Labor Party, he would run against those who did not like education, blacks and women.

We are competing with a person who, according to the press, tells eight lies a day, who asserts that the only thing he likes, “is making so-called motositas (motorcycle convoys), as well as” he has never visited someone who died of Covid-19 ». When asked about the polarization of Brazilian politics, Lula replied that he saw no problem with that.

“This word is polarization. I don’t know who the genius is who invented it as a problematic thing. He stressed that “the polarization exists in any country when there is a dispute between two people.” He described the former members of the working group as misfits and a “group of messians”, commenting on the new defeat suffered by the Lava Jato judicial process.

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The day before, the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) decided that former Attorney General Deltan Dalagnol, the former coordinator of Lava Jato, will compensate Lula for moral damages. That compensation, which was approved four to one, was set at 75,000 riyals (just over $15,000), plus an interest and cash correction.

The total amount of compensation must exceed 100,000 reais ($20,000) and Dallagnol can appeal the ruling in court. The case, under Minister Luis Felipe Salomon’s complaint, points to baseless accusations made by the former attorney general to the press in 2016 through PowerPoint, that he put Lula at the head of an alleged criminal organization, that have been filed without proof in recent years. six years.

“I will continue to open more operations. Now I do not discuss the electoral process, because I will not touch it. But the people who lied to Brazilian society, these people need effective punishment by the institution,” Lula announced, referring to the Federal Public Ministry.

After regaining his political rights in March 2021, the former labor leader is leading all opinion polls toward the October 2 vote in which he hopes to re-elect Bolsonaro and former judge Sergio Moro to power.

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