Luis Suarez’s letter to Fornaroli to call up Tuna for the Australian national team – Welcome – 03/17/2022

Luis Suarezthe historical top scorer for the Uruguayan national team, congratulations through a message on social networks to Bruno FornaroliAnd the The 34-year-old will continue to defend Australia In the final stage of qualifying on its way to Qatar 2022.

“So happy for you little brother and I sincerely hope you have the illusion of reaching the World Cup with Australia, I love you so much and wish you all the best!” Pistolero said.

Both footballers formed the formative divisions together at Nacional. That class of 1987 of the tricolor He also had Martin Quetirucciowhich means that DT on duty often has to leave one of the attackers on the bench.

Fornaroli has lived in Australia for seven years. He first defended Melbourne City (2015 to 2019) and is now at Perth Glory for three years.

Altuna only defended Uruguay in 17 sub-American matches in South America. Because he did not play in major tournaments and indeed with the corresponding nationalization, he was eligible to defend Australia. It was officially announced last night. “I will leave my heart on the field to help the team qualify for the World Cup”He said.

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It should be noted that Australia is fighting to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar, the ranking is disputed in Asia as it occupies third place in its group with 15 points, three points less than Japan and four less than Saudi Arabia, which will be exactly its rival. in the last two dates.

The first two teams will qualify for the World Cup and the third will play a final to see which team plays the play-off against CONMEBOL, so that Fornaroli can face Uruguay for a place in the competition.

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