Luis Navarcio’s raw comparison between Fabiola Yanez and Jill Biden for the Summit of the Americas

Alberto Fernandez traveled to the United States summoned to be Part of the Summit of the Americas. The president made a fleeting trip with a special list of his comrades, led by Sergio Massa. Also, Fabiola Yanez was with her husband as evidenced by the protocol. This new journey of the First Lady has attracted a lot of interest to some, as she recently encountered the Justice Organization for the private party she had at Villa Olivos, during the quarantine in 2020. In that streak, Louis Navarcioduring traffic LN + with Marina Calabro s Deborah Blagerhe referred to the official interpretation of the entourage’s election and was utterly indignant.

It is part of global diplomacy. All heads of state travel with them, as when the G20 was in Argentina (Juliana) Awada worked as a hostess. Participation in other organized activities By Jill Biden and others on her side. He appointed assistant persons in the ceremonies and ceremonies, like all members of the delegation.” The response of the presidential spokesperson was, Gabriella Cerruti, after Luis Navarcio’s private questioning On the reasons for attending Fabiola Yanez at the Summit of the Americas held in Los Angeles.

The leaders stood with their wives (Instagram photo alferdezok)

In this sense, the driver’s approach Good day nation (LN +) was directed towards the judicial situation of the first lady, who had to appear before a judge when he denounced her Celebrating his 5th birthday on Olivus, during the 2020 pandemic restrictions, Where social gatherings are not enabled. In fact, she offered compensation of 1.4 million pesos to close the case, and it was accepted.

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The journalist’s questioning rather confirmed the moral stance, in this Fabiola Yanez case, by showing herself “without stupor” after assuming her crime had angered a large part of Argentines. I started searching on Google if Jill Biden or Juliana Awada had closed a criminal case. I will not attend. Because (Cerruti) compares her to the ex-president’s wife,” said Navarcio sarcastically, who did not hesitate to show his indignation at the event and the solemn response he had received.

Luis Navarcio’s harsh comment on Fabiola Yanez

“The president’s wife, who has been convicted or who has somehow closed the case with the presumption that the crime was committed, is traveling on an official trip with a ceremony assistant. Isn’t that too much, man?He asked about it and referred to this procedure like “paper” Under the decisions made by the national government authorities for this trip, Alberto Fernandez was also highly critical of the meeting due to the lack of invitations to countries such as Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Fabiola Yanez shared her journey on social media (Photo Instagram @fabiolaoficialok)
Fabiola Yanez shared her journey on social media (Photo Instagram @fabiolaoficialok)

for this part, Fabiola Yanez shared herself On her Instagram account is her trip to Los Angeles where she met other first ladies. In a recent post, he noted that there was a discursive exchange with his peers about the global situation. “Makes me proud Be a part of these exchanges Where the ideals of our peoples are represented through women’s leadership.”

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