Lucia Camarota of Salerno received the International Nasserite Peace Prize

Classical high school diploma from Liceo Tasso and a law degree with honors from the University of Salerno. Journalist and Discrimination Attorney Badges in Drawer Like Teaching Qualification. Today, a judge, PhD in research, but above all the author of books on law and economics which have had great reviews and a large amount of sales: “Citizenship Income”, “Rights in Tourism”, “Rights of Embryos and Fetuses”.

Doctor, is it true that you got confirmation of your assignments the day before the award?

Yes, I felt honored to test my skills again. Studying has always been my commitment and I believe it is the secret of all success. With my father, a lawyer, we talked about the law every day, under the motto of the principle that in life, in order to be happy, we must do what we are passionate about. My mother, a teacher, still reminds me today to stay calm in the face of facts: There can never be a lack of a smile in the face of everything. In other words, one must be both light and deep, Calvino said.

The prize, as well as for legitimacy, is for peace: What do you think of such a difficult historical moment?

We are all for peace, it is very difficult to say how to achieve it. Tacitus, giving voice to the vanquished, wrote about the Roman conquest of England: “Ubi solitudem faciunt, pacem appellant” (Where they make the desert, they call it peaceed.). Arms agreements defeat for all. A truce is needed, even if the way to reach it gives way to different situations: but only those of good faith must be taken into account.

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What world for young people?

Globalization has united markets but has not erased differences, it has made goods move but not always ideals. Unfortunately, we are still far from the Europe that Spinelli and Rossi lived in. Young people know they have fewer opportunities than their parents did.

Is there any solution?

You always have to trust that there. During the economic depression of the 1930s, the President of the United States, F.D. Roosevelt: “True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. Hungry people without work are the things that dictatorships are made of.” So, a paid job. Our Constitution imposes decent living conditions for all, without which liberty and justice are denied: every choice, even a political one, must be inspired by this sacred principle.

new projects?

Always towards new goals. The beauty of life begins. It is an honor to live in this era. He who understands everything has great responsibilities. Anyone who believes in the law, like me, knows that the premise of peace lies in just and common rules. In search of legitimacy and truth. Our freedom and the freedom of others, in balance is a difficult road but for me it is a reason to live.

question to conclude. Were you excited when you received the award?

I live on emotions, otherwise what is life? I have prepared a good speech, but I felt that in order to convey my state of mind, instead of words, it was necessary to recall three of the heroes of our time, Rosario Levatino, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino. For young people, but not only for them, never miss the opportunity to say that the meaning of everything is to do one’s duty well and honestly.

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