Lucero checks Lucerto Mijares’ cell phone and is surprised to find out who Don Gelatinas is.

Lucero and Lucerto Megaris They showed that they had a very good relationship, so they had no trouble doing a dynamic as the actress checked her daughter’s cell phone, and took in various surprises, including finding out her identity. “Don Gillis”a contact number registered by the 17-year-old.

American brideAnd her daughter appeared on the cover of the magazine.From”, which also made some games with them, The first is a video in which they answer questions to find out how much they know each other.. This time, the post invited them to record another clip in it bright Star It has access to all applications, photos, videos and cThe contacts that your daughter saves on her cell phone, Get a pleasant surprise.

Lucero and her daughter shine in the networks Photo: Queen Magazine

Lucero checks Lucerito Mijares’ cell phone

Check the content that her daughter has on her mobile phone, the protagonist’dawnSurprised at how strange it is Lucerto He keeps some of his contacts, because he found someone named “Mr. GillisHowever, the young singer revealed that she is her father, Manuel Mijares, Why did you laugh in an interpreter?tell me“.

Daughter of my translator the privilege of love He told his mother that the nickname originated from a fairy tale Megaris With his family. “Once he (Manuel) was fighting with his brothers, to take revenge, he took the jelly out of the fridge and threw it on the floor, and the brothers slipped. Then he became the king of jelly,” he said.

The actress and singer kept checking her daughter’s cell phone and found them puppy postcards, As well as friends and family, as well as apps like tik tok And many more games. “I loved your chats, your pictures and so on,” Lucero told her young daughter when she handed her her device, in which she assured that she had found no “nonsense,” Because he has a very mature personality.

Lucerto Megaris He won the admiration of the audience even though he did not make his official debut in the artistic community, because thanks to the support of his parents, he has already climbed to various stages to sing and show that he is one of the greatest promises of music. Many fans of the couple are expecting to appear this weekend during the two concerts National Hall For the singers of “Electricidad” and “Para amarnos más”.

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