LPD-EF: preliminary results of TLKA’s search metrics in the Straußfurt . region

Thuringia State Police Headquarters

Erfurt (ots)

Reference to previous press releases related to finding suspicious objects at Straußfurt train station, from 10/11/22 and 10/14/22.

The operational procedures for the TLKA agreement have expired. The deployed police forces were able to locate the suspects and the witnesses in question. The five research objects were searched for clues. Raw materials for the production of fireworks and explosives can be secured in the form of fertilizers. Then she is medically examined at TLKA. At the present site, there was no danger from this material. Several electronic data carriers, mobile phones and fireworks (including Chinese fireworks) were also seized. The things to look for are residential objects and garden plots. The first interrogations of witnesses and suspects were conducted. The traces obtained from the Straußfurt station (see the press release of October 11, 2022), in particular the political motives for the crime in relation to the swastika associated with the IED, are now being compared and verified with new information and evidence.

Intensive investigations continued by TLKA forces.

You will be updated on new developments in this procedure in the next week!

Sandra Frankenhauser

Press Spokesperson for the State Criminal Police Office of Thuringia

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