Love Life: Aldo Grasso’s Netflix TV Series Review

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He writes: romantic comedy
Directed by Sam Boyd. With Anna Kendrick, Zoe Chow, Peter Faak, Sasha Comper. on Netflix

Anna Kendrick is the heroine of the “Love Life” series (web photo).

Put New York as the backdrop for a romantic comedy and you’ve got all the ingredients for a delicious product: rhythm, aesthetics, aspirations and compelling misery.

love life It is a product that stands out on the platform display. Produced for Hbo Max, it arrived in Italy thanks to TimVision, and since the second season has become one of the major Netflix titles.

The whole story revolves around the emotional events of young Darby Carter (Anna Kendrick), romantic, naive, intriguing and insecure: thus, the Big Apple – the series was filmed entirely in Queens – is the perfect theater for conquests and failures, able to cover the process of a hero’s maturation.

Anthological structure: Each episode (ten per season) is a thirty-minute brush stroke, The format is increasingly used on platforms, a journey into Darby’s character, a journey through his stories and adventures, but also A way of thinking about loveon its permanent crust in an ephemeral world.

Every story is a nuance, a point of view, a part of existence through which we end up feeling disoriented and confused.
For those who love romantic comedies, dreamy and imperfect characters.

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