Lorena Cuellar receives the UK ambassador to Mexico. Strengthening Cooperation Relationships – El Sol de Tlaxcala

The Governor Lorena Cuellar Cisneros received the United Kingdom’s Ambassador to Mexico, John Benjaminwho held different Round tables with state authoritiesin which they tried Issues of security, tourism, education, environment, infrastructure, economic and social developmentwhich will allow Tlaxcala to position itself as a national and international standard.

We strengthen ties of cooperation to promote the development of the country in various aspects such as the cultural wealth of Tlaxcalteca and thus position Tlaxcala as a national and international referenceHighlight the president.

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at the Government House, The head of the local executive recognized the work of the diplomat, because when they travel to other countries, they know about projects and seek to communicate with other countries; This time it’s Tlaxcala’s turn and it will help create a new story.

Before, The diplomat met with the prime ministers of the first level of state governmentwho expressed his willingness to cooperate with various projects headed by Governor Lorena Cuellar.

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Ambassador John Benjamin was attentive to the approaches of local officialsAnd the We are ready to cooperate with you as best we can. There are many ambassadors who are still trapped in the political bubble of the capital, I see that in London there are many who do not leave, it is another fact, outside the embassyHe said.

on his chance, The delegate representative of the state government in Mexico City, Luis Vargas Gonzalez, explained that the embassy has several funds and international funding that can be used for the benefit of the Tlaxcalan family.

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We have strongly urged the Governor to seek all international alliances so that large-scale, high-impact projects can be implemented efficiently and quickly.pointed out.

expect it As a result of this convergence, renewable energy projects can be completed within 30 daysas well as issues of tourism, education and social welfare.

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In about 30 days, we’ll learn about some investments in job creation and infrastructure. The requirements they will ask are varied and at this moment the work has already started, but what we intend to pursue each of the workscommented.

British Ambassador to Mexico Enjoy the gastronomy, culture, traditions and history of the entity along with the staffas well as the Federal Minister of Culture, Alejandra Frausto Guerrero, who They admired a part of the carnival and crafts made by the hands of Tlaxcalan Such as talavera, carved wood, Serapis and others.

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During his visit to the country, the ambassador toured the Tlahuécol stadium, accompanied by Javier Marroquín, head of the Economic Development Secretariat (SEDCO). Director of the Mathematical Institute of Tlaxcala (IDET), Maddy Pérez Carrillo; The mayor of the capital of Tlaxcala, Jorge Corici Fragoso, is among other public servants.

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