Lorena Arenas takes second place in the Australian Grand Prix | Sports

On Sunday, Sandra Lorena Arenas added another impressive performance to her award-winning career. The Colombian Pedestrians finished second in the Australian and Oceania Race Track Championships, which were held at Fawner Park in Melbourne.

Arenas, who won the silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, ran 20 km with a time of 1:34:27.

The race was won by local sportswoman Jemima Montang who finished the course in 1:32:32. For her part, Olivia Sanderi, also Australian, completed the podium (1:34:35).

Let’s remember that in 2019, Pereiran won the gold for this race. On that occasion, Arenas clocked 1:28:49. This win gave him qualification for the Tokyo Championships, where he will end up making history for our country.

Arenas has participated in three Olympic Games. The Risaraldense debuted in London in 2012, ranking 32nd with a time of 1:33:21. Four years later, Arenas arrives in Rio de Janeiro, where he is intriguingly in the same position, although in that version he scored a time of 1:35:40.

The arenas achieved Olympic glory on Japanese soil. The 28-year-old traversed 20 kilometers of Tokyo roads in 1:29:37 to win the silver medal. Let’s remember that Italian Antonella Palmisano won the gold medal; While China’s Hong Lui finished the podium.

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