Lookism, the rising Korean anime debuts on Netflix in December

Due to the recent massacre at a Halloween party in Seoul, which caused more than 153 deaths and injuries, one of the most promising anime of this period has been postponed. Let’s talk about Lookismthe South Korean series that has finally been rescheduled to premiere on Netflix.

The Lookism’s debut was supposed to be on the 4th of NovemberHowever, out of respect for the victims of the Seoul events, access to the catalog of streaming entertainment services has been revoked. with a new message on social media, including a trailer and visual, Netflix has revealed the new Lookism release date. The promising South Korean anime will premiere on December 8, 2022.

Lookism is a Korean website that tells the story of a marginalized high school student, in a society where appearance is everything, He lives a double life, alternating between two bodies Completely opposite in appearance. In the Lookism trailer We can see the introductions to the narrative, with the protagonist who, after waking up from a long slumber, finds himself in a body different from his usual one. Every time he sleeps, he transforms from one body to another, each one dealing with life differently.

The arrival of Lookism on Netflix confirms that ii Manhwa is getting more and more important internationally and its spread is gradually increasing.

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