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The government established on Monday, May 2, it will be For public sector workers, so that they have a long vacation, since Sunday 1 May is a day off for .

The Executive issued the aforementioned measure on March 31 through . The standard determines that It seeks to promote domestic tourismAs a means to contribute to the economic growth and social development of the countryIn this way, workers will have three days, starting from Saturday, April 30, to make trips inland.

In addition, the Supreme Decree decided that public sector employees who do not work on May 2 must restore the said hours in the immediately following ten days or on a date decided by the head of each public entity, based on their own needs.

The owners of public sector entities will also adopt the necessary measures to ensure the provision of those necessary services to the community on holidays.

In the case of private companies, Workers will be able to take advantage of the day offPrior agreement with the employer. Workers must figure out how to effectively recover the remaining hours to work. In the absence of an agreement, the employer will decide.

Entities and companies subject to the special activity regime that provide health, sanitation, hygiene, sewage, electricity, water, sewage, gas, fuel, funerals, communications, communications, transportation, ports, airports, security, guarding, control, transfer of securities, sale of supplies and foodstuffs; They are empowered to identify the jobs that are excluded from the day off, and the workers involved who will continue to work, in order to ensure services to the community.

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