Ljubicic grumbles about misfortune with injuries, broadband upsets bankruptcy chain

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to: Gert Bechert

Back in the final: Dorian Ahwandino (white shirt) scored for Hanau 93 against Ireland in the final nine years ago. He would like to repeat that on Monday, but then for his current club, FCE. Tarik Sejdovic and 93 want to overthrow the champ. © Shipper

Traditionally, the Hanau District Football Cup final takes place on Monday afternoon. For the first time in history, two league teams from Hesse, FC Hanau 93 and FC Erlensee, will face each other at Herbert-Dröse-Stadion. And both coaches are angry – for different reasons.

Hanau – FC Airlines and FC Hanau 93 will face off in the Hanau District Cup Football Dream Final on White Monday at 4pm at Herbert Drews Stadium. There was no final match between two Hessen teams in the Hanau football region. The expectations of viewers are correspondingly high, ranging between 800 and 1000. Even Hanau coach Kreiso Ljubicic is hoping for a new record for viewers, which seems very ambitious. It happened in 2018 in the Hanau city derby between Hanau 93 and SC 1960 Hanau (1-0 after that), where 1,350 visitors were counted.

In general, a game at eye level is to be expected. In the points round, Airlinci won 4-0 in front of their home crowd, and in the second leg the 93 players were up 3-1. “Bad luck with injuries” (Ljubicic) in the nineties changed the signs dramatically. “I was seeing him as candidates after the relegation round, which went well, but not like it does now,” says Ljubicic. In the worst case, eight regular players threaten to quit, including himself. “Everyone knows how much I would have liked to be in the cup final, but my knee problems don’t allow me to play.”

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In addition to ex-pros, Tolga Unal, Denis Gogol (shoulder surgery), Niklas Behrer (nose surgery), Wasim Kara (torn tendons), Deniz Topko (shoulder injury) and Kristijan Bejic suspended. At Bejic, officials hoped in vain that the suspension would be reduced to two games. But the objection was not in vain. The CAS reduced the ban from four to three matches, which means that Begic is eligible to play again after the cup final.

Semih Sinturk (hamstring injury) still has little chance of showing up. Ljubic is hoping for a last-minute treat: “Every day counts here.” The 33-year-old is “terribly upset” by the staffing shortage, and the highlight of the season threatens to turn into a nightmare.

Surprises can be imagined in Eleven’s beginnings

Jochen Breideband is not concerned with the opponent’s personal problems. “It is completely irrelevant to me and does not interest me. My focus is entirely on my team,” says the FCE coach. The only thing that matters to him is the nickname. There is some homework to do so. For example, tackling the last three defeats of the season, which Breadband “really annoyed”.

He admits that the arc of suspense has diminished in recent matches. “Once the performance drops by a few points, you start having problems.” People are asking to get that out of their heads.

Breideband does not rule out surprises in the starting lineup. On the other hand, the tactical path is clear: “We have to put the opponent under pressure very quickly.” Shifting to fifth gear instantly is the Breideband motto. But he also has to complain about the failures. Nico Hixt, Maurice Kolochik, Jonah Spindler and Jack Forster are injured. Moritz Kreinbill is still in the US in business until September, and Nico Dam’s use is questionable. Unlike Ljubicic, Breideband can count on a great team.

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Hanau 93 has fond memories of the 2013 final

The game brings back old memories of Adolfo Alonso. In 2013, the two teams faced each other for the first time in the District Cup final, under completely different circumstances. Alonso, the second day 93er head coach, was then head coach of HFC, which played in the domestic league. It was obvious that Airlini was a favorite as a group league team. It must be different. With goals from Nikola Mamic and Dorian Ahuandjino, the 93 players won 2-0 in front of 700 spectators and heralded the Hessenbokal fairy tale when the province’s top-tier club was only stopped in the quarter-finals by Bayern Alzenau.

Speaking of Ahouandjinou. The 29-year-old is the only player to reach the final again after nine years, but this time in FC Erlensee colours. After winning the cup, he moved to SG Bruchköbel, where he played until last summer with a one-year break.

That defeat was a huge disappointment for Chris Sickman, because he was also injured. “I still had to wait eight years for my first District Cup win last year against Germania Dornigheim,” said the current FCE sporting director.

The Hessen Cup was also a great experience for the people of Erlensee. They only lost to Saint-Germain Barukstadt in the round of 16. Prideband and Ljubicic are fond of the Hessen Cup, “which could become a great show against top-tier clubs,” they both believe. Therefore, 90 or 120 minutes of entertainment can be expected on Feast Monday.

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