Liz Truss Resigns: Can Boris Johnson Really Return to Prime Minister?

  • Sam Francis
  • BBC News political reporter

image source, Reuters


Boris Johnson announced his resignation last July, although he remained in office until early September.

Boris Johnson, the man his government pushed to step down as UK Prime Minister just 3 months ago, has become one of the candidates to return to the job.

Her successor, Liz Truss, just stumbled 45 days She announced her resignation on Thursday after she was forced to abandon most of her political platform after intimidating financial markets.

Johnson’s second term would be an extraordinary turnaround even for a politician who has made a miraculous comeback before.

image source, Getty Images


Liz Truss resigned after 45 days as prime minister.

Johnson’s final months as prime minister were marked by accusations that he broke ministerial laws by not telling the truth about parties in Downing Street while the restrictions were in place.

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