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“Living Small Dream”: ZDF Report on Small People and Homes.

Square, practical, good – that’s the promise a tiny house brings with it. But the documentary “37 Degrees” titled “The Dream of Living on a Small Scale” on Tuesday shows that living in a few square meters requires more than just ideals. The film follows a high school student, a family of four, and a drama teacher as they work towards fulfilling their dream of a tiny house. It shows where the desire to downsize comes from, and what commitment the protagonists of the game share. How visions form and how they explode.

Florian was 12 years old when he tackles sustainability as part of a school project and decides to build a tiny house on wheels based on the American model. “This small life also means that you reduce your consumption — and you can do it in a small home,” he says. Less space, less stuff. Two years and €20,000 later, it’s time: the school project is over – and with it Florian’s future living space. Angelina sees the potential for 1,000 tiny homes easily – on the garage rooftops in Esslingen. She is convinced that “such a garage would also have a right to exist – if it also provided a living space.” But bringing the spark to City Hall is not so easy. She herself has to leave her apartment soon – to a small house?

Michael and his wife already live with their two children on an area of ​​​​36 square meters. Children’s room, bedroom, kitchen, living room – everything is close to each other and is not separated by walls and doors. This is sustainable and saves money and time. But it’s also a “challenge” – which ultimately turns four people in the tiny house into three. Father Michael, who was left by his wife, is still convinced of the concept – “convinced that it is also a good thing.” Thesis author and director of the documentary Broka Herrmann: “A good thing, but for some, the adventure may be too big.”

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As usual, the documentary series “37 Degrees”, close to its heroes, does not for the first time deal with people living outside the standard of living. With Florian, Angelina and Michael, the film showcases three examples of what motivates and worries small homeowners and what life is like in them.

“Living Little Dream” Tuesday, March 1, 10:15 p.m. ZDF time. Also available in the Media Library.

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