Les Luthiers return to the US with “Gran Reserva” from their “unique formula”

Lawrence Castro E.

Miami, Aug. 3 Argentinian humorous band Les Luthiers are returning to the United States with the anthology “Gran Reserva,” an “all-encompassing” show with great “musical power” that doesn’t deviate from its “unique formula in the world,” Martín O told Efe. Connor, part of the cast.

The band will make two stops, one in Miami (August 7) ​​and one in New York (August 14), which will be their return to US soil after nearly 20 years and will do so with this show that premiered in Argentina in 2017, their third anthology. With which they toured many Latin American countries.

O’Connor explained that at “Gran Reserva” the pieces were selected “with great precision” from an archive of more than 170 numbers accumulated over nearly 55 years of experience. They were chosen seeking a balance between text and music to compose a show with “Force” and plenty of humor.

The staging is part of a transitional process the group finds itself in following the forced departure of its historic members Daniel Rabinovich and Markus Mundstock, who died in 2015 and 2020, respectively.

“We are very pleased and very surprised to receive the audience,” admitted the humorist, who represented Horacio “Tato” Torana, with “Gran Reserva” who stopped being an alternate member to fully join the official cast.

O’Connor acknowledges that the cost of modifications, especially when it comes to a collection “is sustainable over time, so it clings to the public.”

However, “among viewers who have watched this collection for more than 30 years, the reaction has been with gratitude for the continuation of the ‘Les Luthiers’ legend.

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Don’t succeed in the temptation of fashion

Awarded the Princess of Asturias Prize for Communication and Humanities, as well as the highest distinction in the Argentine Congress, among many others, Les Luthiers has an unmistakable sense of humor, as does one of its iconic characters (Johan Sebastian Mastropero) or its intricacies. Tools.

O’Connor stands out as the keys to his career continuity and work discipline in all these decades, added to his “world’s unique formula” of humor, theater and music with “informal instruments”, a product of the symbiosis of imagination and musical technique.

He stressed that “it is very difficult to find a band that makes music of the quality of Les Luthier, with clever and innovative humor, while using language as a science. It is not easy to find that.”

The comedian also highlights that although the humor has changed in the more than 50 years they have toured the stages, “Les Luthiers have maintained their conviction not to give in to the temptation to turn toward fashion, toward what is funny today”, and instead choose “Support an idea and never go out of line.”

“When you’ve done something different, you have to keep being different,” the Argentine finished.


This year, during which they will tour Spain for a month starting in October with “Gran Reserva”, the band has yet to premiere Mastropiezos de Mastropiero in November, which will be their first new work in 14 years, after “Lutherapia” which premiered For the first time in 2008.

“Mastropiezos de Mastropiero”, which was supposed to premiere in May 2020 but has been blocked due to the pandemic, will be the first product created for the current collection, which is complemented by Jorge Marona, Carlos Lopez Tuccio, Roberto Antair and Thomas Mayer Wolf.

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“It’s an interesting challenge,” O’Connor revealed.

According to its philosophy, the group will approach this show with the same dedication to each of the areas on the stage, but realizing that viewers in the audience are at a given moment, in the midst of social tensions and emerging from the height of the epidemic.

He said, “We had an epidemic where people were having bad times, they were locked up, they were depressed, they lost their family and friends; today they are sticking their heads out of the bottom of the trash and they need oxygen. And laughter is healing.” O’Connor, who shows gratitude and is “blessed” for his ability to give his “minutes of grace” to the audience.

For the masters of parody, whose natural habitat is theatre, the lockdown imposed by the pandemic has been cruel, isolating them and depriving them of the comedian’s greatest pleasure, which is laughter.

“I’m not telling you laughter heals you now, but it’s hydrating for the duration of a comedy show,” O’Connor said. EFE

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