Learn how to download MOVii to collect working families, solidarity income and other benefits | VAT refunds, Youth in Action and more benefits from Colombia today | the answers

It is a physical card where you can see your movements and cancel your expenses. In this way, the government ordered that subsidies such as And the And more through this channel from your cell phone. Learn in this note how to download the application and the steps to obtain the economic benefit.

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How to download and record the movie on your cell phone

  • The first thing you should do is download the application to your cell phone. You can do this in your device’s app store: Android / Google Play, iOS / App Store or Huawei / App Gallery.
  • Once the app is installed, select the “Register” option and enter the cell phone number with which you will create your account.
  • We will send you an SMS with a 4-digit code to your cell phone. Enter them and select Continue. If you do not receive the SMS, you can request a call. For this, select the “Call back” option that will appear after a while.
  • Now you have to select the type of document and take a picture of its barcode.
  • Please enter a valid email you are currently using.
  • If you have a referral code, you can add it in the “Referral Code” field. If you don’t have one, you can leave it blank and continue with your registration.
  • Read the terms and finally create the key that you will use to access the app.
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How to download Movii from your cell phone?
Check out how to download Movii from your cell phone to collect Colombian benefits in 2022. Source: Movii.

Movvi in ​​families at work 2022

Application The operator will be in 828 municipalities in the country. Resources will be transferred through the mobile application, which allows cash withdrawals, public service payments, in-store payments, transfers to other e-wallet accounts, and international transfers.

On the other hand, SuperGiros will provide financial support only through the money order method in 277 municipalities. Families can consult the banking operator through:

  • Social Prosperity Hotlines: National Toll Free (018000 951100) and Bogotá (601 5954410-601 5149626)

How do I know if my solidarity income is in the movie

The government divided the group of Solidarity Income beneficiaries and assigned a portion to each financial entity. At MOVii you can get this support in one of two ways:

  • If you already have a MOVii account and are a beneficiary, you will receive a text message informing you that funds from Solidarity income will arrive in your MOVii account.
  • If you still do not have a MOVii account and you are a recipient of Solidarity income, we will send you a text message to let you know that you must to receive money. After registering, you will have to wait a bit for the balance to be charged to your MOVii account.

How to activate your MOVII card

  • Log in to the MOVii app
  • Select “MOVii Card” option
  • Next, click on “I already have my card” and then click on “Scan Card”
  • Look for the barcode on the back of the card to scan it.
  • Ready, your MOVii card will be active and you can make any purchase.
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Which bank does iMovie belong to?

The MOVii Card It is a rechargeable physical MasterCard, Associated with the application and not with a bank. With the card, you can buy whatever you want, and one of the biggest advantages is that there are no management fees on it (see Other cards and savings accounts without management fees) or interest.

Movies contact number

How can I contact film? To get in touch with filmWhether it is due to a claim, complaint, or any other reason, you can do so by contacting: 57311 2244522 (customers service ). If you want to communicate with the headquarters in Bogotaphone number is 6015895959.

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