Lavrov distances Russia from the West: “We will look at China”

there Russia will break up with her Western Bloc To create stronger relationships with China. “If the West wants to offer us something in terms of resuming relations, we will have to think seriously about whether we need it or not,” he said. Serge Lavrov As part of the Gymnasium project. EM Primakova “100 questions for a leader”.

The Russian Foreign Minister clarified what Moscow’s next steps are, sending several messages to Europe and the United States. Lavrov mentioned China and Eurasia: This will be future diplomat And commercial The Russian Federation, unless the West, defined by “Russia-phobia” and “dictator”, proposes one day to reopen relations. But even then, the senior Kremlin official made clear, the Russian government would think “twice”.

A turning point, if any, can only happen if you “change the mentality” of Western countries and “when you are done with their madness”. The minister pointed out that when that happens, “they will see that Russia is still here and is getting stronger year after year,” according to what was reported by the Russian Agency. tax.

Relations with China

Lavrov focused particularly on China. Economic cooperation between Moscow and Beijing will gain momentum in the near future because the West is “taking the position of a dictator”. The basic assumption is that because of the Western Bloc, Russia will sink into the arms of China and other unspecified countries, but it is easy to try to assume: the countries of Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, and perhaps India as well, with new ones. Delhi that can keep the doors of trade open with the Russians.

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“Now that the West has taken the position of dictator, our economic relations with China will grow faster,” Lavrov said anyway. “This, in addition to direct income in the state budget, gives us the opportunity to implement plans to developfar East And East SiberiaThe minister emphasized, in fact, the worst nightmare subordinate United State. In other words: you find yourself facing a single bloc made up of Russia and China.

“The largest number of projects have been developed and implemented with China there. This is an opportunity for us to realize our potential in the field of high technologyincluding nuclear energy, but also in a number of other sectors, ”said Lavrov himself.

Moscow’s future

Thus, the future of Russia, unless there are dramatic upheavals, and, at least for the present, will coincide with the future of another part of the world; No more West, no Europe or the European Union. “We have a long border with the People’s Republic of China and common interests in adhering to the principles of justice and multipolarity in international affairs,” Lavrov continued, according to a text posted on the Russian ministry’s website.

In doing so, one thing is clear Mutual Economic Benefit Between the two countries, given that the center of global development is increasingly shifting to the east. “We currently have the largest partnership network in Eurasia. We must count on them to further develop our country, its transportation, transit and logistics capabilities. The Russian minister stressed that this is the right way.

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Then Lavrov concluded by making a kind of geopolitical statement that reflected Russian intentions. “We must stop relying on supplies from anything from the West to ensure the development of sectors critical to the security, economy or social sphere of our homeland,” said Lavrov himself.Moscow goal It is now working on developing relations with China. However, it will be necessary to understand whether Moscow’s rapprochement with Beijing will truly lead to the emergence of a bloc of equals, or whether embracing China will prove fatal to the Kremlin’s geopolitical and economic ambitions.

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