Land Rover spot banned in UK due to misleading advertising

Car ads are back at the center of the controversy. a few months ago, Citroen was forced to suspend the broadcast of a spot in Egypt As for accusations of incitement to sexual harassment, now again the audiovisual work must be left without continuing to be programmed on television.

The person affected this time is Land Rover, a company that will have to reduce publicity for a Defender site called “Above and Beyond Land,” a job that came with the slogan “Wherever you are.” The reason is that it is supposed to show actions that SUVs cannot fulfill.

The person responsible for implementing the blocking measure was the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK, the country in which the ad would be broadcast, after two (yes, two) people complained.

The whole problem arises from a scene in the commercial where the guns are standing on the edge of a cliff. There, you maneuver in the opposite direction, when the sensors beep to alert the driver of the obvious danger.

But according to the entity that governs advertising regulations, this scene would be misleading, since parking sensors are unable to detect empty spaces, such as those seen on a slope.

The sensors are able to detect obstacles, people and even animals, which clearly did not occur in the photo. And if there is a driver in this case, the sensors will not alert.

But at Land Rover they did not remain calm and were very disturbed by this topic. According to the British newspaper The Drive, the British determined that the sensors alerted because it “clearly showed that it was heading towards a rock”.

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But the ASA sees it differently, commenting that “the parking sensors react to objects behind the vehicle, rather than emptying spaces like a fall, and the rocks were not prominent enough to counter this interpretation. We concluded that the advertisements misrepresented the function of the parking sensor” .

Regarding the Land Rover complaint, her claim was dismissed, specifying that “although some rocks appeared on the Defender’s screen, it seemed unlikely that the parking sensors would be activated by that little debris.”

Additionally, they added from the ASA that they “we believe some viewers may interpret this to mean that the vehicle’s parking sensors can recognize when drivers can reverse close to it.”

After ASA’s decision, Land Rover only commented, “We are very disappointed in ASA’s decision to support this complaint in the UK because the vehicle, the technology and the scene filmed are realistic, but of course we will comply. Their decision was based on only two complaints.”

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