Lamborghini Announces Project Hypercar

Debuting at the World Endurance Championships Lamborghiniwith a presence between WEC and IMSA, it is not just a mathematical fact, but there is everything Hypercar . project We need to talk about it.

Pointing out what will be the road production of supercars, at a track, in Sant’Agata Bolognese, It has already been painted in the name of electricity. Various solutions, starting with the Laureth Aventador plug-in hybrid, moving forward with more hybrid options and the electric perspective envisioned in the medium term, in the second part of the decade, recalling the words of Stephen WinkelmannLamborghini.

street style

Thus, the first Lamborghini LMh . teaser It is also correct to indicate the patterns that will be in the future route proposal.

There is one more element than the others to connect the future of Lambo racing with very limited edition road models, such as the Sian. Visual collections will be a reference for the stylistic features of the brandthe inverted Y is interpreted variously by the style center directed by Mitja Borkert.

How will the heir of the Aventador be?

If the tire is to be supplied by one of the four tire makers recognized under the LMDh regulation – rumor has it Ligier builds the foundation for future Lambo racing -, Aerodynamics will be a distinct element of every project (within predefined performance values) and with an indication of the route production method.

In the case of Lamborghini, An heir to the Aventador, the supercar icon of the Taurus brand, is expected in 2023. A year later, we’ll see commitment in the LMDH class, timing like imagining moving some stylistic features from street to race.

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