La Serena: mobile store owner shared videos to customers in his Telegram group


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A serious complaint against a group of men from La Serena was announced yesterday via social networking sites, in which the case of a Telegram group was published in which pictures of a sexual nature of women and even minors were published without their consent.

According to the first information, about 1,400 will be involved, who spread the said satellite images and videos that could have been extracted from tablets, computers and mobile phones that someone was responsible for repairing, coordinating, selling and / or comparing. In the online store La Serena.

This fact aroused indignation and prompted the victims to denounce what happened before the corresponding institutions, so that what happened could be investigated and punished.

According to the information circulating on social networks, the members of this group mostly belong to the regional capital and uploaded snapshots from the Instagram profile of the woman who caught their attention to search later among the group members who had some of the material in question. . In the end they shared any record, be it videos or photos.

In addition, according to those affected, the videos circulating on the said network were not detected, because they are private records that no one can access and there is no other way to leak them.

From the PDI, when consulted about the case, they told El Día that so far there is no requirement to investigate the case that was reported on social networks.

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However, through Instagram, the complainants reported that the background is in the Public Prosecution Office. They also shared a profile on the same social network, created to announce the situation (denuncia_telegramivregion). They stored in it the main evidence of what they denounced.

“Stop posting content without consent. We ask for any information via DM (Direct Message) about the admins and members of the group. If you post, store or cover up, you are as guilty as the patients behind it,” they wrote alongside one of the posts featuring a large number of men who They are part of this group.

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