La Jornada – Mexico, a friend country and a major global partner: Ambassador of Finland

Mexico City. Celebrating the 105th anniversary of Finland’s independence and the 85th anniversary of the start of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Finland, the Scandinavian country’s ambassador, Päivi M. Pohjanheimo, highlighted the ties of friendship and solidarity between the two countries. He stated that Mexico “has always been a friendly country and a key global partner with whom we can make the multilateral system a force for good.”

We are long-time and like-minded partners, confirmed the Finnish diplomacy, who was accompanied at her official residence by members of her working team and the Finnish community in Mexico, as well as members of various diplomatic representations in our country. ..

At the official ceremony attended by Bernardo Aguilar, Director General for Europe at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Finnish Ambassador to Mexico stressed that the two countries have a strong commitment to shared democratic values ​​and the rules-based international order.

“We are geographically far apart, but that distance is only shaped on the world map, and as the global security environment changes, and challenges to our shared values ​​grow, the importance of these partnerships based on trust grows.”

He recalled that in 1939 “our country had to fight for its survival in the face of the invasion of the Soviet Union. We do not forget that resistance, so we will maintain our support for Ukraine in its struggle for freedom,” emphasized the Scandinavian nation’s ambassador.

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