La Jornada – A massive rail strike has broken out in the UK

London. The UK is witnessing a new wave of massive strikes in transport, mail and ports from Thursday, continuing the largest social movement of its kind in decades in the face of rising inflation and a collapse in purchasing power.

In this period of school holidays, only one in five trains was running on Thursdays. Tens of thousands of railway employees have been called to work stoppage by British unions RMT, TSSA and Unite. Network Rail, the network’s general manager, urged Britons to avoid this type of transmission.

Passengers who nevertheless tried to board a train were sympathetic to the strikers as inflation topped 10 per cent a year in the UK for the first time in 40 years, driving down wages.

“The strike is just because inflation is now at a record level,” Assam Sarda, a dentist in his 30s, told AFP at London’s Euston station.

“All my sympathies are with them,” said Greg Ellwood, the 26-year-old consultant, who was questioned at Leeds station in northern England.

RMT Secretary General Mick Lynch warned Thursday that the largest rail strike since 1989, at the end of the Thatcher years, could “go on indefinitely.” Strikes have already taken place in this sector in circles since June, in the absence of wage agreements.

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