Krumbach: Cyclists have been injured in accidents in the Krumbach region

54 minutes ago

In Aubergesertshausen, Niedronau and Houselhurst, cyclists were injured when they fell. What the police generally advise.

Many cyclists took advantage of the spring-like weather on their first trips. There were three on Sundays
With cyclists in the police checkpoint

A 14-year-old girl rammed her bike into an iron bridge in Obergessertshausen around 11 a.m. near St.-Peter-und-Paul-Platz.

An 85-year-old cyclist came across a muddy hard shoulder on the Reifisenstraße in the Niedronau district of Krumbach around 12.10pm and fell as a result.

A 55-year-old woman wanted to switch from driveway to sidewalk using her e-bike in Höselhurst around 3:30 pm, and was loudly overlooked
Sidewalk and fell.

All those involved came to the hospital to receive treatment for minor injuries (bruises and bruises).

At the start of the cycling season, the Krumbach Police Station advises that wearing a helmet is not mandatory. However, the general recommendation for cyclists is to wear a bike helmet when driving in traffic. Studies and surveys show that protective helmets significantly reduce the number of serious head injuries for cyclists. (Zg)

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