Koblenz: Woman shot and burnt – arrest in the Cologne area

Koblenz / Cologne –

It was a terrifying find a pedestrian had to make on December 18: the cremated body of a woman was discovered on a dirt road in Ochtendung in the Mayen-Koblenz region.

As local police announced later, the victim was shot. Then the perpetrator set it on fire, according to the autopsy report. The victim is a 31-year-old woman from Kruft, a small town about 25 kilometers from Koblenz.

Woman shot and burned: SEK arrests man in Cologne area

Investigations by the Special Committee, “Ochtendung”, continued during the holiday period. With success: As reported by the local police authority, the path led to the Cologne region: the focus was on her 34-year-old ex-boyfriend. In the past, there should have been disputes over and over again, according to the Homicide Investigation.

The suspect was arrested on Christmas Eve by Special Forces (SEK) Squadron in the Cologne area. On Monday, December 28, the authorities initially did not want to reveal the location of the access for reasons related to the tactical investigation.

The murder victim’s former friend was brought before a judge of the Koblenz District Court and is now in custody.

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And a Fiat of this type is also being searched for in the Cologne region: the victim drove such a car.

The background to the law is still not entirely clear. So it is also against the investigation. The police are currently searching for the victim’s car. It’s the Fiat Panda, built in 2010, with the MYK-H 298 registered.

Since the woman who was murdered was in the Cologne area before she died due to her relationship with the suspect, the car is being searched there as well. The information is requested from the police on 0261 / 103-2540.

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