Kim Lea Müller inspires fans at the European Championships in Munich: with the European Championship reward to Australia

When asked about the prize money, Kim Leah Mueller was also briefly confused. 1500 euros is still quickly planned.

“I’m going to Australia soon,” the BMX Freestyler said after her surprise European Championship success at ARD, “I think I’ll use it to have a good time there.”

Before that, the 20-year-old could take a little bath in her latest success. Friday’s silver medal came as a huge surprise, as no one had ever done it on a scrap of paper, not even the “little silent” national team coach Tobias Wake.

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The joy was even greater, Mueller couldn’t get rid of the smile on his face. “Actually Kim is always laughing,” Wake said of Mueller, who described him as a “very shy, happy girl.”

Kim Lea Müller delights fans with her back heart

However, the BDR coach does not associate this shyness with the BMX park in Olympiaberg. Confident and flawless, Muller soared over the slopes and also showed amazing tricks, which the Munich fans appreciated in his good spirits with a lot of applause.

Especially during a back somersault – called a “back somersault” in German – there was a murmur in the crowd over and over again. And according to Mueller himself, he’s “not sure yet.” However, those who dared to do the trick on Friday ended up on the podium – or fell while trying.

After her success, the student-athlete shyly answered the question if she considered herself a professional. Mueller says she doesn’t know. “A professional is someone who can make a living out of her sport,” Wake said. “I think Kim is on the right track and will soon be able to confidently say in an interview that she is a complete professional.” You laid the groundwork for that in Munich.

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