Kim Jong Un’s Sister News: North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Sister Kim Yoo Jong warns US


  • Kim Yoo Jong, sister of dictator Kim Jong Un, warns the Joe Biden administration in America
  • Kim Yo Jong said that if they want to sleep peacefully for 4 years, stay away from the discord-creating steps.
  • Kim’s statement comes as the US Secretary of State is visiting South Korea.

Kim Yo Jong, the extremely powerful sister of brutal North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, has warned Joe Biden’s administration in the US to stay away from conflict-torn steps if they want to sleep peacefully for 4 years. Kim Yoo Jong’s statement comes as the US Secretary of State is visiting South Korea and Japan for the first time this week. It is believed that North Korea’s nuclear program may be discussed during the visit.

North Korea’s official dialogue agency reported that Kim Yoo Jong strongly criticized the US-South Korean joint military exercises. “There is a proposal for the new US administration that wants to spread the smell of gunpowder on our soil in the region,” Kim Jong Un said in a conversation with the official Rodong Sinmun newspaper. He said, “If America wants to sleep peacefully for the next four years, it would be good for them to stay away from deodorant as a first step.”

North Korea has not considered Biden as president yet
Earlier, the United States said it was making efforts to establish diplomatic contacts with North Korea over the past several weeks. North Korea has yet to acknowledge who Biden became President of the United States. It became clear that there is a disagreement between the two countries over North Korea’s missile and nuclear program. North Korea is not responding to US efforts to establish diplomatic contacts.

Kim Yoo Jong once again expressed his strong opposition to the joint military exercises between the United States and the South Korean Army. North Korea says it is preparing for its occupation. Kim Yoo Jong said that the South Korean government has once again chosen the path of moving toward war and crisis. Kim Yoo Jong is the younger sister of the North Korean dictator and is believed to be her closest ally. Kim Yoo Jong is very influential in the North Korean government.

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