Katla: Icelandic Netflix series review

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For more than a year the volcano boiler Engaged in a very slow and powerful volcanic eruption: black ash and constant smoke enveloped you, the city on its slopes, causing its gradual depopulation and declaring a restricted area, accessible only to a few remaining residents and visitors with special permissions. In this leaden atmosphere, some scientists are trying to analyze the data coming from the craters and ash, but find no confirmation of their scientific predictions. To complicate the situation further, From the ash from the volcano, people covered with a black blanket begin to appearEach of them is ready to relive events from the past and family secrets, while the heat of the volcano melts the glaciers, allowing ancient bodies to resurface from the bitter cold. All the people and things that have resurfaced share the fact that they should not have been there and that even one day it seems to have passed on their faces, because they are believed to have died or simply in another country.

boiler: Behind the ash of the volcano

Kettle - Cinematographe.it
A scientist collects data from the ashes of an explosion.

boiler It proposes dreamlike thriller scenarios and films, mixing the constant twilights that shroud the city with investigative plots, which attempt to understand more of what is happening inside the volcano. Forced to awaken their defensive senses, Vic and his inhabitants, now sleeping in the habit of erupting from the blast, are forced to get to the head of this great mystery without causing much of a commotion outside their community. Only the stubbornness of some scientists makes other complex facts emerge from the ice To give a reasonable meaning to everything that happens.

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boilerA lame tale that repels and attracts at the same time

Kettle - Cinematographe.it
A body floating on the surface of the Katla volcano.

boiler Available on Netflix with all files eight episodes It flows slowly, just like an erupting volcano, creating a synergistic rhythm between the narrative and the told facts that allow you to walk the entire story without any details remaining unexplored. While audience affiliation is affected, it is also a partner Musical accompaniment is often indecisiveOn the other hand, it increases the sense of belonging in the spectators themselves, leaving time for our eyes to settle on all the details that can be useful for solving many puzzles. in this way boiler Mixes different genres of films, from thrillers to science fiction, to touch up family dramas In all those passages the inhabitants of Vic have reconnected with their individual past and their community.

All this pushes towards clearly marking the alienation that exists in the territory of this volcanoand continually emphasizing how detached this area is from the outside world, both geographically and emotionally, allowing the characters’ feelings to be conveyed by the surroundings rather than their faces. In this way, a unique and well-connected entity is created between the local people and their volcano, which has always accompanied them and which obviously has profoundly shaped their lives. It all starts to make sense in the last two episodes, even such a slow and sluggish pace of the story, even if it’s true that of all who started the series, there wouldn’t be many who wouldn’t be discouraged by the initial slowness in getting it. to the end. In this wonderful relationship on the one hand and disgusting on the other, the viewer can find complete satisfaction only by reaching the end, even if, as we have mentioned, it is not at all obvious to reach.

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