Karimi “N”: Amparo is baseless for trying to avoid extradition from the UK – Diario de Xalapa

A federal judge denied cream “n” protection with which he tried to prevent the Mexican government from continuing with the extradition from the United Kingdom, where he lives with his children.

The defense of the ex-wife of Javier Duarte de Ochoa, the former governor of Veracruz, had sought protection on the grounds that the hereditary damage offense for which he was being prosecuted had already expired.

Amparo’s 12th District Judge in Criminal Matters called the argument “unfounded,” stating that criminal proceedings had not even begun.

He pointed out that no decision has been issued regarding the issue of the statute of limitations for the criminal case, and therefore the constitutional protection provided last October is not acceptable.

Karim is accused of alleged patrimonial damages of 112 million pesos at the expense of the National System for the Integrated Development of Children (DIF).

The former honorary president of the DIF was arrested at the end of October 2019 in London, but after a few days she was released on bail. At that time, his lawyer issued a statement stating that there was no evidence of the alleged participation of Javier Duarte’s ex-wife in the commission of a criminal act.

By the judge’s ruling, the Public Prosecutor’s Office (FGR) has no impediment to arrest when extradited from the UK.

It is known that since the beginning of 2022 Westminster Magistrates Court upheld his extradition to Mexico to face criminal charges.

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