Kanne Group opens Restaurant & Deli “Wilhelm Alexander”: daily ticket

The Kanne . group From Heede the gastronomy concept “Wilhelm Alexander” will open in Berlin in April 2022 Humboldt Forum. Located in the northeast of the Humboldt Forum between Schlueterhof and the Spree side, ‘Deli Alexander’ and ‘Restaurant Wilhelm’ has the largest outdoor gastronomy at the Humboldt Forum.

During their stay, guests can admire the Baroque sculptures of Schleuter, the eastern city center or Berlin Cathedral. The concept is divided into two connected sites built in close collaboration with the Humboldt Forum: the internationally oriented ‘Deli Alexander’ and the casual fine dining concept ‘Restaurant Wilhelm’ with a history-inspired kitchen. A two-way interaction that is attractive to a wide range of target groups and events and enriches the presentation at the Humboldt Forum in the long term.

As the new culinary focal point of the Humboldt Forum, the Kanne Group has set itself the goal of offering visitors the right culinary selection through the “Wilhelm Alexander” gastronomy concept, based on the polyphony of the Humboldt Forum.

Both sites are also directly integrated into the exhibition concept of the Humboldt Forum: Three of the 35 monuments in the Humboldt Forum, which are used to celebrate important events and aspects of the site’s history, are in the residence of “Wilhelm Alexander”, see above Kitchen utensils and dishes from the Palace of Berlin and the Palace of the Republic In addition to the wall reliefs made of Meissen faience, which were originally also lit in a restaurant in the Palace of the Republic.

Opening of Wilhelm Alexander

At Deli Alexander, Kanne Group implements a dining experience inspired by international street food and a variety of cultures with a casual service concept. With around 110 indoor seats and around 200 outdoor seats on the cathedral side and terrace of the Spree, guests can enjoy the concept of “Bread & Bowls” – selected dishes prepared quickly with attention to the highest quality and combining inspirations from different continents.

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Under the motto “Not just mainstream, but lots of new stuff,” Deli Alexander celebrates the cultures of Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia, and is thus a meeting place for museum guests and groups to wrap up a visit with delicious cuisine. Of course, the Humboldt Forum’s sustainability criteria for ‘available’ dishes are also met: the two sites participate in the Recup program and thus actively contribute to the reduction of disposable waste.

At Restaurant Wilhelm, a rich culinary history is celebrated with a casual fine dining concept, which is based on the Humboldt period in Paris, but also has local influences from Berlin.

The classic concept with table service for a total of 102 seats and about 100 outdoor seats at the Schlüterhof under the motto “The best of simplicity, yet skill.” Emphasizes the quality of eclectic German-French cuisine. The regular change of dishes also depends on the various exhibitions in the museum itself. With its spacious area and varied usage options, “Wilhelm Restaurant” is not only suitable for classic use, but also suitable for events of all kinds.

The Humboldt Forum is a new place for culture and science in central Berlin, between Alexanderplatz and Brandenburg Gate and near Museum Island. Architecturally, the Humboldt Forum thrives on the contrast between contemporary elements and the reconstructed Baroque facades of the Berlin Palace. These discontinuities persist in history and architecture within – communication differences form the programming core of the Humboldt Forum.

Deli Alexander will be open to guests from April 21 from Wednesday to Monday from 11 am to 9:30 pm. The Wilhelm Restaurant will be open for the next four weeks, after which the restaurant will be open on Wednesdays. To Sunday from 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM for guests. Like all rooms at the Humboldt Forum, the “Deli Alexander” and “Restaurant Wilhelm” are completely free of obstructions.

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