Just saying “don’t assault me” is not a crackdown in Veracruz

An image reading “Are they trying to rob you? Say NO” has been widely shared (again) on social media. But it would be wrong to say it was a crackdown by the Veracruz authorities.

“Legally, no one can take your property without your consent,” reads the photo, which has over 122 likes and is circulating primarily on Twitter, and the logos of the Veracruz government and the state’s Public Security Secretariat appear on the letterhead.

however, Both the image and the campaign are wrong. They are not part of the security strategy for Governor Cuitláhuac García, and has not been published by the government of that state, as Survey Minister of Security in Veracruz.

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The government agency recommended “for security reasons, avoid sharing information that does not come from official accounts.”

image source

This fake image originally started spreading on social media in February 2019. At the time they attributed it to the city government of Coatzacoalcos in Veracruz, which was also rejected at the time.

It also displays the numbers you should call in case of an emergency, but they are also wrong and incomplete.

phones They do not have a LADA key for the region And while it’s similar to that of Coatzacoalcos, it lacks 921 so that it’s complete and doesn’t match the state dependencies they mention either. Those same numbers appear in the last photo that went viral again.

Both the old and current image include the emblem of the Municipal Civil Protection Unit of Coatzacoalcos, which was in effect until 2021 and does not correspond to the emblem Stream from that area.

So in conclusion: it is wrong to have a file picture “Are they trying to rob you? Say no.” Corresponds to the Veracruz government’s security crackdown.

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