Junior Colombia Final at Masschallenge Mexico 2022 | Entrepreneurship | Business

Colombian podium Trady is among the 38 finalists at the Masschallenge Mexico 2022, Startup accelerator program.

Triidy is a financial technology platform for e-business.

(Triidy, the platform that makes life easier for startups.)

Andrés Hernández, CEO of the platform, confirms that this corporate achievement is an award for 3 years of work.

Besides being one of the In the final phase of its acceleration program, the startup has launched its own digital card that delivers cash flow to online stores.

If you have an e-business and are looking for a solution for your cash flow, you can activate this option on the platform and fulfill your pre-approval requirements.

With this card, e-commerce has the opportunity to make payments for digital advertising and purchases abroad.

“Using our financial technology, we have been able to analyze data and understand the behavior of more than 13,000 electronic companies currently registered on our platform, providing solutions to the most relevant processes in their value chain, driving their sales payments.” Hernandez adds.

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