Jovenes en Acción 2022: Check how to find out if I’m getting paid and who’s getting paid as of April 27 | Social Prosperity Login | the answers

In order to support the professional, technical and technological training process of thousands of Across the country, by offering conditional cash transfers and thus improving their capabilities and opportunities in social mobility and welfare conditions, the Government of Continue to promote the program .

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more than 1,800 students from the country’s top ordinary schools They first got the incentives of this strategy, young people at workwait for Reducing dropout rates in higher education Helping young people to focus on their studies.

In light of this, the new delivery date of incentives for young people who are part of the program is approaching young people at work Since 2018. In the calendar provided by Department of Social Welfare for this year, The second cycle of aid delivery will begin in the fourth week of April, Once the academic certificates are verified by those interested in receiving this assistance from national government.

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How do you register?

Registration process to be accepted The program consists of two phases.

  • The first consists of the pre-registration stage. This stage takes place within the invitations issued by the Social Welfare Organization across the country. They are generally so days They start very early and with huge helpFor this reason it is recommended to arrive early.
  • A young person wishing to join the program will receive a username and password.
  • This data will allow you to enter the information portal of the program by following the link: .
  • To see if you are in young people at workYou can do this through telephone channels: by calling the following numbers: At the national level 01-800-095.11.00.
  • if you are in Bogota by number Bogotá 595.44.10 ; Also close to the regional offices of Department of Social WelfareYou can also access and interact with the Social Welfare Portal Online chat.

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It was an investment for that cycle 83,620 million pesos, divided as follows: 100,326 belong to Institutions of Higher Education (IES), that they have submitted their reports according to the verification schedule; s 99,091 SENA Internswith a commitment report corresponding to October and November 2021.

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