Jose Luis Flores, the first Mexican rider to take part in the Tom Quilty Cup in Australia, hopes to improve his ranking

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Jockey Luis Flores He is the first Mexican to participate in the prestigious competition Tom Quilty Cup, In Australia, considered one of the two most demanding in the world, he spoke with ESTO to announce the challenges and expectations he will have to face, in this equestrian endurance competition, on 9 July.

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He said in an interview (via Zoom).

Joseph Lewis flowers His career has been on the rise since 2018 as he represented our country, where he was also the first to participate in United States Tevis Cup (160 km) where he clocked 20:45 hours, to put himself in 28th place out of 200 participants.

In 2019 crowned Mexico National Champion In the 80 km class. Also in 2019, he took the Team Silver Medal at the North American Endurance Championships, 80km class, in Brookston, USA; And a gold medal as a team leader in the 120 km category.

After those experiences he was invited by The Australian national team, Fieryrange Arabians, To participate in Tom Quilty Cup:It is with great pride that I have qualified for this competition and that the team has invited me to ride one of their best horses, an Arabian breed, one of the most resistant.”

He also commented on what he would consider to implement his plan for the race: “Because it is happening relatively close to Sydney, I will arrive at base camp on July 4th in order to acclimatise and ride the horse I am with. I am going to compete to get to know his character and prepare to take on the 160km route.” , he added:

Weather will be a major factor, although the Mexican centaur is not expected to be too extreme: “By July, in Australia It will go through the southern winter, so the heat is estimated to be between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius by then, so we won’t suffer from high temperatures.”

“I know the terrain will be more difficult than what I am used to in Mexico, but since I trained in Puebla, I have looked for a similar type of ground to adapt to. The cumulative ascent will be 4 to 5 thousand metres,” he said.

400 riders will take part in the said competition: “Now we are at the stage of choosing which of the three horses to be trained there (in Australia) I will choose, depending on the results of the training, as I had the opportunity to give an opinion, in June the election was already held for the most prominent among those The 400,” he added.

In this regard, the Mexican Equestrian Federation It was announced that the competition will start at 12:00 noon on July 9th traween County of New South Wales northwest of Sydney. The 160 km of the competition is conducted on highly technical tracks in the plains and mountains Warrumbungle from New South Wales.

There are eight veterinary stations where the stewards assess the physical and metabolic condition of the horse and decide if it is appropriate to continue. The Mexican jockey will be accompanied by a support team to help him with the veterinary layover, and this group will be responsible for hydrating and feeding the horse.

“It is important to note that in Endurance It is said: “Finishing is winning”, but since I am very competitive and was already 28th out of 200, in my most recent competition, now I hope to be in the first 30 out of 400, it is a strong challenge, because according to the statistics, one Only 45 percent of the riders manage to finish the race,” he emphasized.

“The beginning was a bit chaotic but with time the rhythm slows down and I will move to a good level, which is why I am confident that I will achieve a good result and be able to raise the Mexican flag,” in addition to supporting the corresponding federations, Joseph Lewis flowers sponsored by Purina horsesto be able to participate in these international events.

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