Jonas Wiesen on control cables

It was supposed to be a six-boat final course, but Canada pulled the eight after winning the second rowing World Cup replay in Posen, Poland, and started the “German Eight” with Treis-Karden Rowing Company’s Jonas Wiesen winning in the fourth lane.

With only 100 meters from the start of the final, the German team made its way to the front with a large number of hits and only Australia could follow the fast initial pace. The pitch disintegrates with the other teams from Poland, the Czech Republic and India and the German eight continue to advance at high speed even in the boat. After the 2,000-metre competition half-cycle, Australia is also well behind by a boat length, while the eight Germans led by Treis-Kardener Jonas Wiesen, who is at his home in Brieden, advance to the front. In the final race, the Australians approached the German boat again, but Jonas Wiesen was cautious and allowed a long final race. Germany’s eight won their second race of the season with a clear lead over Australia, Poland, the Czech Republic and India.

Jonas Wiesen impressed above all with his endurance and team spirit. But they still have two quick goals to beat, the eight from Great Britain, who dominated their first World Cup race in Belgrade, and the race from Canada, who had to withdraw here in Poznan due to illness.

Jonas Weisen must have thought of it when he said in the interview, “Today was amazing…I think we still have a lot of work to do.”

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