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Ultra Train Brisbane Ultra 2022: Run the Ultra Train in Australia and how to prepare. easter frames we swear Ultra-TRAIL Today he travels to Brisbane (Australia) where the following Spartan Trail World Series will take place from July 8-10: Brisbane Trail Ultra.

Two of our patrons will be there, betting their July vacations to run a super track in Australia: Marcos Pascual returns to the land she fell in love with after living there for three months at the age of 17. BTU60 will run. Jorge Sabogo will discover Australia from his hand and will run 100 miles. We start with the STWC video to get an idea of ​​the circuit.

Brisbane Ultra Train 2022:

Preparation of BTU60 by Marcos Pascual

For the Spaniard, the trip is not cheap or easy, it is about going to the other side of the world. However… our captains Jorge and Marcos chose to dedicate their vacations next July to running him, one the 100 mile Queen event and the other the 62,000 one. Today we review with them why to go on vacation to run to the other side of the world, and what Australia has to make up for.

The Brisbane Trail Ultra (BUT) is one of Australia’s largest running events. It also has a very friendly approach to sharing a great ride with family and friends, as it’s divided into six different races: one for each type of runner. From BTU10 to Queen BTU100Mi, we are sure it will be a great festival that we don’t want to miss.

Brisbane is the largest city in the Australian state of Queensland. The Brisbane River is located in the southeast of the state, and winds its way through the city. The city lies between the Pacific coast and the mountains of D’Aguilar National Park. All this makes the city an ideal place not only for running, but also for enjoying nature and enjoying a few days visiting the third largest city in Australia.

Want to learn more about each race? Here we leave you more information.

Brisbane Ultra Train 2022:

Next stop for the STWC circuit

Together with TRANSGRANCARIA. ULTRAAPIRINEU, PATAGONIA RUN, et al, Brisbane Trail Ultra is on the international circuit calendar. The BTU30 and BTU100Mi were the distances chosen to qualify for the great prizes that the circuit has to offer.

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As in other STWC races, BTU will award $25,000 (€23,000) in prize money to the top 5 men and women at both distances. This will bring elite runners from all over the world to Brisbane for the grand prize, and raise the bar even higher.

What else do you need to measure yourself against the world’s best BTU racers? We’ll review the previous version winners and you’ll be able to see if you’re up for the challenge.

BRISBANE TRAIL ULTRA: restarted in 2021.

In 2021, immersed in the pandemic caused by COVID-19, only Australians or residents of the country could compete. But this circumstance did not prevent racing records from being broken, as in the BTU100Mi, Matthew Crehan ran 100 miles in 19:53:14 and Mary Connor did the same with a time of 23:29:50, both of which broke records. Male and female of race.

The other big event, the BTU30, was no less, as both records were broken by Cecilia Matas (2:39:35 female) and Aidan Hobbs (2:00:51 as a reminder).

In 2022, the borders are once again opened to all and the elite of the trail world is expected to welcome the Brisbane Trail Ultra. Fasten your seat belts, a good fight awaits us.

Well, now that we have all the numbers and learn more about racing, there is still one question to answer: Why did I choose the BTU60? I will answer that.

Brisbane Ultra Train: BTU60 | 61.2 km | 1850 AD +

At 61.2k and 1850+ it will award 3 ITRA points and will be ideal for runners who want to venture outside the marathon distance for the first time.

The race is designed to be a complete running experience. The road is gigantic, the positive / negative elevation is 1,850 meters for a distance of 60 thousand. The Brisbane Trail Ultra BTU60 runs through subtropical rainforest on trails and boasts amazing views as you pass through Samford Valley, Mt Finders or Upper Brookfield.

The road is challenging as beautiful as it is brutal, only the hardest will be able to survive the last climb up the famous stairs of Kangaroo Cliffs.

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Here we leave you Racing maps.

Brisbane Ultra Train 2022:

BTU60 by Marcos Pascual

If the main events are BTU30 and BTU100Mi, even the BTU110 has cash prizes thanks to the sponsors; Why did you choose to run the BTU60 then?

It’s a very easy question. I’m a relatively new runner, having only run since June 2020. In these two years, despite the fact that I’ve won races and usually ride in the top 15, I’ve never run more than 50km, which inevitably leaves me out of the race for the BTU100Mi and BTU110.

So… why not 30 kilos? Well, I live in Spain, specifically in Madrid. The height of the mountains here reaches 2,400 meters above sea level, but in the country we have as many as 3000 and 4000 about the same as Teide.

The terrain here is very steep with lots of rocks, trails with slopes over 45%, vertical miles are spread all over the country and I personally like going on the big slopes and if technology is better.

With all this in mind, the BTU30 is a very fast race for me, something I wasn’t used to. In addition, there is almost no slope. However, the BTU60, which doesn’t have a huge incline, is a challenge for me because I’ve never run more than 50km, and this will be my first time running that distance. But not only that, it will be a perfect test of the TP60 that I will be racing in October. So it all seems logical.

Running in Asturias (34k 3100m Vert. Gain) Photo by: Ivan López


Like I just said, I’m used to technical races and vertical races, so I’m going to have to adapt my final weeks of training to something more racing-like. Simply by looking at the altimeter and photos from previous versions, you can see that this is the usual up/down race. Not a lot of variation per kilometer but a constant up and down, kind of sawtooth.

On the ground, it can be seen that they are easy trails, not very technical trails so it seems, if my legs allow it, I’ll be able to run all the kilometers. In addition, a large part of the road passes by road, and I think I would not need shoes with very aggressive soles.

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So, given what has been seen, this is not my kind of profession. I love that. I’ve always loved challenges, getting out of my comfort zone…and the BTU60 is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

I’m planning on doing very long aerial walks in an effort to mimic the altimeter of the test, ie: going up and down all the time. The wall of La Casa de Campo, for example. Likewise, I will shoot shorter at higher speeds and in the same conditions up and down. On the other hand, I’ll do intermittent sessions and repetitions on the incline. All this combined and added to the training I already had with me, I think it will be more than enough to successfully reach the finish line.

The truth is that I have no expectations in terms of race speed, I know I can run fast (10km in 35 minutes) but I don’t know how long I can maintain a high speed without feeling too tired. We’ll see, it’s going to be a great adventure.

I am really looking forward to traveling to Brisbane to run the BTU60, I know it will be a once in a lifetime experience and I plan to enjoy every second of it.

One of my last types of training

Of course, I will tell you everything here and on the social networks of

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By the way, if any of you are encouraged, the site will be completely translated into Spanish, which is real sound. And besides … there are still places. I’ll leave it there in case someone else signs up with us. >>> Brisbane Trail Ultra.

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