Joe Biden to NATO

president of the United States, Joe Bidenconfirmed to NATO and members of the G7 that the remnants of the missile that fell in Poland – which left two people dead – were part of A missile launched by Ukraine To try to contain a Russian attack.

Biden notified G7 and NATO partners that the explosion occurred in Poland It was caused by a Ukrainian air defense missileReuters said, quoting a source from NATO.

Biden’s account was supported by the Belgian Ministry of Defense, who confirmed it The explosion recorded in Poland this Tuesday, which caused two deaths, was in principle caused by the work of the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense. The bag chief said in a statement on Wednesday that he intended to intercept Russian missiles.

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According to the available information, the attacks were the result of Ukrainian air defense systems, which they are accustomed to Russian anti-missileMinister Ludivine Dedondre said, adding that the episode was the subject of a “deep investigation”.

Russia also confirmed that the missile that hit Polish territory the day before was a missile fired from a defense system for Kyiv forces and confirmed that its attacks were closest to the border between Ukraine and Poland. They were more than 35 kilometers from the limit.

“We want to confirm that the high-precision strikes were carried out in Ukraine, at a distance of more than 35 km from the Polish-Ukrainian border,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

After the confusion – for which Poland called up NATO members to enlist to defend the territory – the Polish authorities are preparing to explain that the cover was Ukrainian, not Russian.

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