Jim Ross confirmed that AEW will visit the UK in 2023

Since his birth, many fans All Elite Wrestling They wanted to tour Europe and more specifically the UK. It’s something the company has been working on for a long time and it’s very likely that it will become a reality in 2023.

Jim Ross confirmed this week that All Elite Wrestling will tour the UK next year.. Through the Grilling JR podcast, the commentator confirmed it would be. Jim Ross said: “AEW is definitely coming to the UK and will be in the next calendar year. I know that for sure.” “I don’t know the dates, but we’re all excited about it because we have huge TV ratings in the UK. So why not take advantage of it?

Jim Ross’s reference to the TV is correct. as we mentioned before , AEW continues to grow in popularity in the UK. The company was able to gain first place in various countries of the European Union, highlighting its rise in the United Kingdom, where it was little by little able to gain and excel WWE, especially after Vince McMahon signed with BT Sports in 2020 to broadcast Raw, SmackDown and NXT .

In August 2021, Tony Khan confirmed The company was still working on bringing an All Elite Wrestling product to the UK. “I can’t announce the exact dates,” Khan said. “But I can officially confirm that the project is on the right track. I would very much like to bring AEW to Craven Cottage (the stadium located in Fulham).” “It’s a very special stadium for me,” said Tony. “We have helped a lot in developing and rebuilding the building with all the facilities needed to run it. I think it could be the best home for AEW in England.”

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