Jim Carrey is the new Joe Biden from SNL

Jim Carrey is the new Joe Biden from SNL

Luckily, Saturday Night Live It returns in October with new episodes. It’s an election year and the world is on fire in the literal and figurative sense, so we need some laughs.


If anyone can cheer me up these days, it’s Kenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon.

And since the show is clearly going to deal with the presidential race, you know that means we need a strong impression of Joe Biden to counter Alec Baldwin’s position on Donald Trump.

And that impression comes in the form of … Jim Carrey!

The man behind characters like Ace Ventura and the Grinch has never been an official cast member (although he auditioned), but he has hosted the show twice.

That’s right, the comedian would be stepping into the role previously played by Woody Harrelson and Jason Sudeikis.


Jason was personal favorite Biden, but I’m so excited to see what the infamous Jim Carrey does with his version.

This is not the first time that a person outside of the cast has been hired to play the role of a prominent political figure SNL. Aside from Alec Baldwin, he appeared on the show as Melissa McCarthy as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Matt Damon as Bret Kavanaugh.

Former cast members often return to the show to take on the necessary political impressions, such as Rachel Drach as Senator Amy Klobuchar, and of course, Maya Rudolph as vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

Some people want the show to use their existing cast for these notable impressions, rather than constantly outsourcing celebrity photos.

But in an interview with EagleAnd SNL Executive producer Lorne Michaels spoke out about why the outside choice made sense for the show.

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“I honestly don’t see them as celebrities …[They’re] Just part of an expanded pool in the same way that if Tina Fey has something useful to say in the update, we welcome her … And also, you’re talking about candidates who are in their 70s. When you put someone down [who’s] 28 In that makeup, it’s totally different. “

I still have some questions. Does this mean Jim will continue if Biden wins the election? Will he be like Alec Baldwin and only appear in the cold open ring, or will he be in other sketches?

Whatever the answers, we’ll have to tune in on October 3rd to find out!

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