JEP closes contempt case against Dijín director and concludes security measures did not impede hearings for ‘Otoniel’

Absence of the JEP Recognition Section Closing the contempt case that was opened against the Digen police chiefGeneral Fernando Murillo, after the difficulties denounced for ensuring secrecy in the testimony of the former leader of the Clan del Golfo, nicknamed “Otonel”.

was the design Adopted after concluding that the actions taken by the police are within the framework of the procedures After taking precautionary measures, they did not interfere in the development of the sessions. For example, it was noted that from that moment no police officers remained inside the camps, out of respect for the reserve.

Next tojustifying that in some cases the glass entrance door cannot be closedruling that this was done with the purpose of keeping the former chief of the Clan del Golfo under watch and that the policemen stood outside the room at least five meters away, not listening to his testimony, but watching him, as it was their duty.

“This section does not note that General Murillo has obstructed the work of justice and the truth of universal order. In return Access to the facilities has been facilitated by persons in charge of the custody of Mr. Osuga David And by the nation’s attorney general’s office,” the oath concluded.

Exactly about the above The judges emphasized that the police always allow vehicles to enterof electronic components and all necessary JEP personnel to carry out the procedures.

The contempt dossier was also supported by the office of the attorney general delegated to the JEP, which justified the security measures taken by the police at the time to preserve the integrity of ‘Otoniel’ and that the general “complied with the order of the oath and therefore we find ourselves before the so-called fact of overcoming”.

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