James Webb Telescope: Why our vision of space will never be the same

Who among us has not looked at the sky and wondered what is really going on there? ? If the progress in the conquest of space is impressive, The enormity of the universe fascinates And it leaves us thinking that we don’t have the technology to know everything. That’s why the first images from the James Webb Telescope give us some hope.

Pictures that moved astronomers around the world:

The James Webb Space Telescope is the most powerful in history The first images that were revealed were impressively sharp.

If they are nebulae or even galaxy collisionAll the images revealed by NASA last Tuesday stirred emotions but also Excitement among all astronomers.

The resolution and sharpness of the images will allow Make incredible discoveries. Because with previous instruments (including Hubble) it was not possible to see the “details”, this telescope reveals; Just in the case of the Carina Nebula; Hundreds of stars that have never been seen before.

What is the James Webb Telescope?

It’s been on NASA’s exit blocks since the 1990s. It was created through international cooperation. It was sent into space six months ago.

This telescope has a busy schedule. The carefully worded and the few images that the general public has access to are just the beginning of what will be revealed in the coming years, because It has enough fuel to be able to travel in space for about twenty years.

We are talking about a historical advance in the field of astronomy. For ordinary people, it is also a form of exclamation, because The pictures themselves spark the imagination

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