Jamaica celebrates 60 years of independence.

Jamaica, a land of parties, dances and music, of nature and wonderful sea but also art and culture, is celebrating its 60th year of independence; It was August 6, 1962 when he was punished for his liberation from the West India Company and the United Kingdom.

To fully immerse yourself in the island’s interesting history, nothing is better than planning, as part of your travel tour to discover Jamaica, stop at KingstonThe beating heart of Jamaican tradition and spirit. Here are four distinct places not to be missed in the capital.

Natural History Museum and National Museum of Jamaica

You can start this journey only from one of the most important museums in the country: The Natural History Museum of Jamaica. A unique opportunity to see the many species of local flora and fauna up close, the entrance to the museum allows visitors to understand firsthand the importance that residents place on the nature that surrounds them. More than 130,000 specimens of plants and 110,000 animals inhabit different areas of the museum. Their knowledge makes the experiences that travelers can have in direct contact with nature more authentic.

A little further south, still in the capital, is The National Museum of Jamaica Which gives the opportunity to deepen the spirit of Kingston and its people. From testimonies about the colonial period, to the devastating earthquake in the early 20th century to the Independence Fair; Below are the various stories that intertwine in the museum’s collections and provide suggestions and details about the island’s history.

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Devon House

Another stop on this tour is Devon House With its remarkable history, also in Kingston.

A place admired for being the home of George Stapel, Jamaica’s first indigenous millionaire, this beautiful building, built in the 19th century, takes visitors back to the splendor and opulence of the last two centuries. Overlooking large lush gardens, this is a wonderful blend of Caribbean and Georgian architecture and furnished with a large collection of antiques ranging from local, English and French stuff.

Today it is synonymous with fun and entertainment for young and old, offering various possibilities to relax and delight your palate.


The fourth and most important place, the symbol of freedom and hope, isliberation gardenKingston Green Heart. This city park celebrates the end of slavery and the rediscovery of the special freedom of most Jamaican workers until the early 19th century.

There are many experiences that travelers can have: from getting lost in green paths, among the different types of tropical plants and colorful flowers; Admire the “Redemption Song” statue – a tribute to the famous Bob Marley song – by famous Jamaican artist Laura Facey that decorates the ceremonial entrance to the park for a family picnic.

Water and light games make this place even more magical.

Events in the program

The Caribbean island celebrates this important anniversary with many events that take place in the summer with music, parades, and lots of fun. Among these:

Wednesday August 3 Milo Jo Ron, Folk and traditional music and dance performances at Independence Village in Kingston

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Thursday August 4Jamaica tribute, Concert at Independence Village in Kingston

Friday August 5Jamaica movie night and Independence Nighta movie night at Independence Village in Kingston

Saturday 6 August – The Great Independence Party At St. Andrew’s National Stadium in Kingston. Cultural review includes presentations of music, theatre, song and dance by groups in dress and uniform along with well-known local artists.

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