Jalisco security: Tamazula ‘remain in peace’ after attacks, says security minister

The General Secretariat of Security in Jalisco confirmed that after the reconnaissance patrols carried out in Tamazola de Gordiano after the insecurity events that occurred last night, The municipality “remains in peace”.

The agency confirmed that with the aim of ensuring the safety of the residents of Tamazola, state police officers are already maintaining Presence in the area different patrols.

He also confirmed that the Commissioner of General Oversight and the Regional Commissioner had met with the Commissioner of Tamazola, Jose Omar Baltazar, as well as with Regent Cindy Bravo Muniz, “Which reported that the municipality is still in peace, and that activities are being maintained in a normal way.”

However, many videos have circulated through social networks where they can be watched Various trucks with armed men on board are moving on municipal roads.

The security minister concluded that “state police officers have made various tours of the area, in addition to working closely with citizens to ensure that the community remains calm.”



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