Jalisco. Assassination of the Mayor of Tisaban Alto

Jalisco / reporter /

José Antonio Langorín Martinez, Commissioner-General of Public Security of Tizapan El Alto, Jalisco, Died after being assaulted by armed personnelWhile his companions are in serious condition.

Langhorne Martinez was driving on the Guadalajara-Sahuayo highway, in the Tuxcueca-Palo Alto section, on the shore of Lake Chapala, after at least 15 civilians waited for a three-truck public servant convoy to shoot at him, a Toyota Hilux. And two Dodge Ram with lights and light icons.

After achieving their mission, the civilians fled towards the state of Michoacan.

Help was invited by soldiers from the 15th Military District and the National Guard, as well as companies from Ciénega de Jalisco.

In the place responsible for the security of that town, they found a dead person, as well as the deputy director and an injured companion.

The State Prosecutor’s Office announced the start of preliminary investigationsWhile criminologists calculate caliber casings. 7.62 and .223 mm are used in AK-47s known as “cuernos de chivo” and AR-15 rifles.


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