‘It’s out of ignorance’: Amaru Gomez-Pablos slams Borek after standoff with John Kerry | TV and show

The journalist, and former international analyst, hinted at a certain lack of preparedness on the part of the Chilean president.

Last Wednesday there was news of a mistake made by the president Gabriel Borek At the Summit of the Americas, criticizing the fact that the United States does not have representatives in the Alliance of the Americas to protect the ocean, without realizing it A few meters away was John Kerry.

This led to an apology from the Chilean president, which was received by a North American politician. However, criticism was severe in Chile.

It was one of the callers who was crucial Amaro Gomez Pablos, The former international commentator, who hinted at Borek’s alleged unpreparedness for the case.

“It happens out of ignorance, when you invoke a country because you have no idea who it is in world politics,” referred to in Instagram.

Apologies come later, but the mistake is grave and arrogant. John Kerry is one of the politicians who has contributed the most to the environment (…) What a pity and shame, “ he added.


Keri’s reply to Borek

At the time of the Chilean president’s confusion, and after he apologized for the affair, John Kerry preferred to deal with the situation with humor.

The former US presidential candidate responded to the Chilean: “I only have one question: Where’s the beer?” Which sparked laughter from the audience. Even Canada’s foreign minister, Melanie Jolie, shouted Canadian

It should be noted that the Summit of the Americas was one of the main highlights of Gabriel Borek’s tour of North America.

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