It’s all about Ronald Lauder, the billionaire who was taken in by Georgia Meloni

President of the World Jewish Congress, very close to Reagan, Netanyahu and Trump, philanthropist and art collector, as well as heir to the cosmetics empire of the same name. Who is Ronald Lauder and how much is his wealth?

Ronald Lauder, along with his brother Leonard, are the sole heirs to this fortune.

But Lauder is also the president of the World Jewish Congress and one of the billionaires who has turned his back on Donald Trump in the race for the US presidential election in 2024 and who is instead eyeing the rising star of the Republicans, Ron DeSantis.

Given his familiarity with the world of American conservatives, he could be very useful to the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, who just met him yesterday.

Who is Ronald Lauder?

Born in 1944 in New York to a Jewish family, Ronald Lauder after attending Bronx High School of ScienceHe graduated in International Business from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and then continued his studies at the University of Pennsylvania Sorbonne Paris.

Profession and Republican environment

As stated in an article from The New York TimesBefore being recalled by US President Ronald Reagan in 1985 to serve as ambassador to Austria (1986-1987), Lauder was an executive in the family business and a major fundraiser for Republicans in New York.

From 1983 to 1896 he also served as US Deputy Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Policy. Previously, it was adding the extension nyt In the words of Lauder’s mother—”a friend of Nancy Reagan”—Ronald declined the offer to become ambassador to Jamaica.

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In 1989, he challenged Rudy Giuliani in the race for mayor of New York, in which he was eliminated $14 millionbut failed in the project.

Of confidence to Netanyahu’s husband

Lauder, a staunch supporter of Israel’s conservative Likud party and a longtime friend of Bibi’s, was appointed by Benjamin Netanyahu in 1998 Brokering a peace agreement between Israel and Syria which, however, despite some progress did not lead to a solution.

The billionaire was also an intermediary between Netanyahu and Arthur Finkelstein – one of Reagan’s most influential advisors, and also Richard Nixon. The mastermind behind conspiracy theories about George SorosWith another advisor, George Birnbaum.

However, in 2017, in the screen He wrote that Lauder and Netanyahu had not been in contact since 2011, after the broadcast of the “Bibi Tours” report by a channel of which Lauder was the largest shareholder at the time, in which serious allegations emerged regarding Netanyahu’s activities, including Bibi’s relationships with various billionaires and how his travel was funded. international. The article states that Lauder “has gone from being a confidante to a pariah”.

Friendship with Trump and support for Republicans

Returning to the American Republicans, Lauder – who was also a major supporter of Trump, as well as his college roommate – according to the nonpartisan OpenSecrets Observatory. Contributed nearly $100,000 to the Republican National Committee in 2019 for re-election in the 2020 election.

And in November 2017, he also donated directly to Trump $2,700which was the maximum allowed by federal law at the time.

In the last midterm elections, he invested at least $11 million to support Republican Lee Zelden’s candidacy for governor of New York, which according to him made him nyt “The most productive political donor country this fall.”

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Eyes focus on DESANTIS

On this same political occasion, however, he turned his back on Trump, who advised him not to run again and not to expose himself “because it would have been a disaster” – as capturing Yesterday in Meloni Premier.

All of this suggests that the next sweetheart in light of the 2024 presidential election could be DeSantis, the conservatives’ new promise. And indeed, although his spokesperson did not name names, according to CNBCFlorida financial records show Lauder donated $10,000 last year to a political action committee supporting Florida’s gubernatorial re-election campaign, and according to OpenSecrets, the billionaire already funded his 2018 gubernatorial bid with $200,000.

Loader Legacy

Today, with assets of $4.5 billion, Lauder is considered one of the richest men in the world.

President of the World Jewish Congress and Clinique Laboratories, Member of the Estée Lauder Board of Directors, philanthropist and an art collector, ii Forbes It collected about 4,000 works of art worth no less than $1 billion, in addition to owning a large collection of medieval armor and weapons dating back to the third century BC.

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