Italy’s main events for a frightening evening are not to be missed

Even in Italy, Halloween is now an unmissable holiday, and there are many evenings organized from north to south from the boot in “scary” locations such as castles, parks, and abandoned villages.

What to do on Halloween 2022 and where to go

The night of October 31 is traditionally known as Halloween or “Halloween’s Night” and has very ancient origins going back to Ireland and the time of the Celts. Then the tradition spread to the United States, which was brought by immigrants during the nineteenth century while he was in America Ceremony It has taken on the apocalyptic connotations that we know today, so much so that even in European countries it has become an opportunity to celebrate, dress up and take part in disguised parties. But what to do? Halloween 2022?

After this very brief introduction, we discover Big Events For Halloween 2022 Not to be missed for any reason, as well as thanks to the long weekend that awaits us at the end of October.

Halloween events 2022

Gardaland Magic Halloween

The most famous amusement park inItaliaThe event is organized under the title every year Gardaland Magic Halloween Which will take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting October 7, on the long weekend from October 29 to November 1 and finally from November 4 to 6. Gardaland For the occasion, she will dress in the traditional colors associated with Halloween, black and orange, and have her guests live frighteningly exciting experiences among vampires, pumpkins, ghosts, bats, and every other monster and be spooky in the collective imagination of this party.

They are on time Offers The event is specially designed for the occasion, events with witches, parties and more than 40 attractions always available that will hide monsters, skeletons, zombies, vampires, ghosts and evil spirits always ready to surround the guests. evenings Halloween It will take place at exceptional times, from five to ten in the evening, and young and old are invited to unleash their imaginations with disguise and terrifying looks.

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Gardaland Magic Halloween

Halloween 2022 in Mirabilandia

to me Mirabilandia Halloween parties start on October 1 and will run every weekend until November 6, plusHalloween horror festival Scheduled every Saturday from October 1 and October 30 and 31. Therefore, the calendar is really rich. With themed decorations throughout the park and shows, Mirabilandia It will also provide a horror tunnel for adults and children, fairy tunnels, trails for kids and families, mazes, shows, entertainment for all ages and of course the attractions that are always present in the park.

with the ‘Halloween horror festivalInstead, fear and desolation will invade some areas of the park. In a post-apocalyptic context, predatory zombies and inhuman creatures will roam in a desperate search for food and revenge and it will not be easy to escape from them. Among the attractions on offer are the Acid Rain Sanctuary and the Zero Signal Sanctuary where only the most daring guests will have the courage to enter and try out.

Mirabilandia Halloween

Halloween 2022 at Lucca Comics and Games 2022

The historical event dedicated to caricature and game Luca. An occasion that many visitors also experience to celebrate Halloween On the streets and on the walls of the wonderful Tuscan city, thanks to the already festive atmosphere of the event with many cosplayers, zombies and monsters parades.

The program has not yet been announced, but is organized every year on the 31st of October Events and themed parties, competitions and a large concert in the vicinity of the ramparts. Instead, simply stroll the streets or reach the main squares where children, young and old find themselves disguised in incredible horror costumes. Or just get involved with the little ones Ceremony Organized in clubs and bars in the city center.

luka halloween comics

Celebrate Halloween at Borgo a Mozzano

There are many who started from Lucca Comics to reach one of the biggest Italian parties in Halloweenwhich takes place in a wonderful context Borgo Mozzano, also in Lucca County, famous for Devil’s Bridge. Now in its twenty-eighth edition, Halloween celebration It takes place in the evenings from 28 to 31 October with different events in different locations.

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The highlight of the event is on October 31 when the streets old town The Lombroso fair will be held with unusual banquets and animation of acrobats, musicians and wandering magicians, and starting at 11 p.m., the traditional fair will take place show Fireworks on the Serchio River as the thirteenth century Ponte del Diavolo becomes the heroine of a historical reenactment that exposes her sinister legend.

_Halloween Celebration

Halloween 2022 at Castell’Arquato

In a wonderful medieval environment Castile Arquatoin the province of Piacenza, a series of events dedicated to Halloween, on the last weekend of October 2022. “Beautiful Halloween – Beware the Wolf” will take place on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October at 2.30pm and 4.00pm. This is an event for kids aged 5-10 who can participate in costumes Halloween And that they will meet the castle wolf, the guard of the Visconti castle, who will explain his infallible tactics to keep the enemies away. After a snack.

On Monday, October 31 at 9:00pm and 10.30pm, “Dark Side of the Rock” is a guided night tour to discover mysterious episodes and ancient legends. village. Walking through the alleys of the medieval town, you will have the opportunity to learn about the tormented spirits, disturbing characters and, inside Visconti Castle, the bloody events of its long past. “Walk Noir Among Village Ghosts” will take place on Tuesday, November 1, at 2:30 pm and 4:00 pm accompanied by paranormal experts of the EPAS group (European Paranormal Activity Association), in search of electromagnetic deviations and strange force fields, taking as a point Legends and riddles Calsteel Arquato.

_Halloween Castell & #8217;  Arquato

Halloween in Fontanellato

We are staying in Emilia-Romagna this time in the province of Parma, where it is wonderful Roca Sanvitali from Fontanellato Ready to welcome guests and visitors to its rich program of Halloween. From October 28 to 31, Rocca offers X-Scape Experience Castle on the way, a game in the mansion surrounded by the waters of a moat where participants 11 years of age or older will have to solve some tasks until the final solution.

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On October 30, families and children will be able to participate in the animated visits of watercress, she is greeted and escorted in some rooms with characters in cosplay style and with “Trick or treat?” at the end of the track. One of them will be held on Monday, October 31 from 19.30 show From magic and illusion for families with children of 6 years, horror themed, witches, pumpkins and spirits. The halls of the palace will thus become a theater for special effects signed by the thinker Francesco Bussani.

_Halloween Fontanellato

Witches’ Day in Corinaldo

One of the most important Halloween celebrations is held in Italy Corinaldo, in the province of Ancona. there Witches Holidays 2022 From 28 to 31 October in the streets old town. The event, the first of its kind in Italy, has passed its twentieth edition and will, in terms of the number of appearances, be considered among the largest in the Marche region.

bars with typical dishes, Offers Various arts, tunnels of fear and many themed animations, accompanied by an environment lit with torches and many pumpkins, transport those who participate in a magical and wonderful world. During this event he is also elected witch beauty queen Certainly not the ugliest witch of the third millennium, but the most beautiful witch of the third millennium.

Corinaldo Witches' Day

Halloween pictures and events 2022

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