Italy with Greece, Malta and Cyprus in the EU: NGOs banned

Rome. The continuing high tension with France over immigrants. Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna accused “Italy does not respect international law or maritime law.” Waiting to understand whether there will be a clarification between Giorgia Meloni and Emmanuel Macron at the G-20, the government through the Ministry of the Interior is relaunching the axis with Cyprus, Greece and Malta, practically Med5 from which Spain took off this time.

The common demand of Brussels and all countries is to review the mechanism for the resettlement of migrants and to make countries that fly the flag of NGO ships responsible for compliance with international laws. An important step, in light of the extraordinary meeting of interior ministers, requested by the European Commission and expected by the end of November. In Palazzo Chigi it is considered the ideal place to find a new way of diminishing European solidarity which, according to the Italian line, had hitherto existed only in words.

The Foreign Affairs Council, in which Antonio Tajani will participate, could be the starting point for an EU-wide debate, after the clash between Rome and Paris over the Ocean Viking issue, a “European catastrophe”, reports Le Monde newspaper. Define her. Diplomatic sources explained that Italy is developing a proposal. Meloni announced in his address to the Chamber at the end of October that he wanted to relaunch Sophia’s naval mission, to prevent the departure of boats from North Africa.

“Since everyone fills their mouths with the word European solidarity, let us try to apply it. So far the Pope and Mattarella also said that, Europe takes a shot – Matteo Salvini instigated -. Not everything can be on the shoulders of Italy, Spain, Greece, Malta and Cyprus. Europe is all of Europe.” An hour later came Interior Minister Matteo Bentidosi’s memo with his counterparts in Cyprus, Greece and Malta, in which they defined non-compliance with migrant resettlement agreements as “unfortunate and disappointing”. They request an “urgent and necessary” discussion on coordination between NGOs. “Every country must – they add – effectively exercise jurisdiction and control over ships flying its flag.”

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This step reassures those who follow the file, and does not aim to escalate the conflict or clash with the ongoing diplomatic work to resume dialogue with Paris. In terms of the foreign minister launched a new offensive, explaining what has already angered the French government Tuesday. “The statement that Georgia Meloni, speaking on our behalf, asserts that it is up to France to welcome immigrants – Colonna said in an interview published Thursday in Le Parisien and published today – is completely contrary to what we have said. These methods are unacceptable.”

France, as is the logic among Meloni collaborators, wanted to isolate Italy but it remained isolated. In the end, finding a solution will be in everyone’s interest. Diplomacy at all levels operates on the Palazzo Chigi-Farnesina-Colle axis. The goal is to reach a face-to-face clarification between Meloni and Macron in the coming days at the G-20 in Bali. An informal meeting rather than a real one-on-one seems to be the most likely solution at the moment.

“In the corridors we meet and talk,” one minister notes, not wanting to emphasize Bali’s default appointment. Tomorrow Meloni will depart for Indonesia, as at COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, and will also use the Indonesian Summit as an opportunity to get to know and learn about world leaders. On Tuesday he will hold a bilateral meeting with US President Joe Biden, and possibly also with other heads of state and government from countries outside the European Union. The same will be done – in parallel with – Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti, who previously agreed bilateral agreements with US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, with IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva and with his Saudi counterpart Mohammed Al-Jadaan.

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(by Paolo Cappellieri / ANSA)

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