Italy with Enit al Duco in Florence: “Here are the most beautiful places in the country”

The Greatness of Italy on stage at Duco Travel Italy, the premiere event focused on a single destination to advance excellence in Italian hospitality for the world’s most important buyers. Enit is participating in the Boutique Travel Summit to stimulate the meeting between upscale hospitality experts and selected travel consultants from different markets. They are front-line travel consultants and a mix of opinion makers, experienced top sellers, and highly skilled next-generation professionals. The upscale sector is among the key sectors in the international branded content campaign Enit: the focus is on the concept of luxury as the originality of experiencing Italian excellence with reward “beauty luxury, who wants to express the idea that true Italian luxury is the possibility of enjoying exquisite Italian beauty. Italy communicates luxury differently by country. Cultural sensitivity in rejecting various messages includes subtle luxury in the Netherlands, refined and inconspicuous luxury in France, eco-friendly luxury in Sweden, etc. Even in influencer campaign planning, the world of luxury is a constant for Inet. Choosing to participate in Duco also brings Italian food and wine to the center among the most exclusive and already existing experiences in the campaigns of the national tourism agency that has always invested in luxury fairs, including ILTM Cannes that will be the driving force for the revival of tourism that Italy already has priority. This event is a celebration of the reenactment of the journey to Italy and is organized in accordance with the provisions of the Italian Government and the local Florentine authorities. The event sees the participation of Enit, the body responsible for promoting tourism in Italy with a space dedicated to introducing the peninsula.

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“The luxury sector should be the first to resume. Personal experiences filled with all possible amenities mean that luxury travel will experience a boom in recent years also due to the new trends dictated by the epidemic and will be an incentive to remind once again big spenders, like everyone, they want to go back to travel and enjoy the beauty of Italy » announced President Init Giorgio Palmushi. Duco will also host the famous Lemon Awards, designed to celebrate the creativity and charm rooted in Italy. Each hotel owner shared a video or photo, created and produced by their team members. With “Duco Galleria” an online gallery opened this year, providing insights into hotels as well as the secrets of each area. And finally Duco Virtuale, an online dating software that has drawn on the web for a long-awaited presentation.

American interest in traveling to Italy saw an increase. Between January 16 and February 16, Americans showed the peak interest in traveling to Italy (flight + accommodation) according to Google searches with the maximum interest peaking on February 6.

Among the most passionate Americans, New Yorkers stand out, followed by Californians and Floridians. Travelers from the United States mainly focus on Rome where the most attention is focused, followed by Milan, Venice, Florence, Catania, the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Naples on a par with Palermo. Between January 16 and February 16, other specific locations also appeared: searches are increasing, for example Lake Como, Polignano a Mare, Ischia, Bellagio.

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Flight bookings from the US are ominous and return with comfortable data with +1498%) compared to February 2021. There is also a sharp rise for March and April (March + 1548.5%; April + 1,038.6%) compared to the same months of 2021. Also in In In this case, Americans prefer major cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, and Naples. Americans travel primarily for leisure (74.9%) or business (5.9%) and stay mostly for up to 8 nights but also for up to about a month in 11% of cases.

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