Italy – The Vatican is a central hub for diplomacy and soft power

One in between Italy and the Vatican It is a multi-level, symbiotic, deep and complex relationship. At the same time, private, national, global. over there Holy See Territorial sovereignty is exercised in the heart of a city Rome , Italy has historically been the center of the Catholic Church, and in the last century the global projection of the immaterial ‘superpower’ of Oltretevere has helped represent a driving force Italian diplomacy, Premium Hubs, Essential Link.

Italy and the Vatican coexist on a wide range of issues, and this has remained constant even in the era Pope Francesco Which gave in the context of the “geopolitical” picture the post-western structure of the Roman Church’s work. In fact, the fact that in the past four decades three non-Italian popes have alternated, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and FrancisAnd that the gradual internationalization of the Roman Curia may represent a factor in strengthening official and informal relations that helped in recent decades to advance the interests of both countries.

Italy actively supported it Holy See When the Vatican promoted aid to dissidents in the Warsaw Pact countries in the 1980s, it gave diplomatic cover to the work of Catholic organizations interested in international cooperation (CUAMM, Sant’Egidio Community And so on) in sensitive African theater, in decades of Christian Democrats’ rule through figures like Julio Andreotti Decisive as Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs but also as a true “secular” cardinal and sound of Rome, having greeted the mood of the Holy See in advance. Thus creating synergies in the international field, from Ostpolitik Agostino Casaroli The process of formalizing relations with the United States led by Mgr Bio-Lag.

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At the same time, the Vatican’s contribution to the Italian national interest was no less important. Oltretevere, in addition to the main religion hotspot of the West, is also the directory of the Millennium Foundation and the Global Present. Associated with Information device And intelligence with few enemies in the world: reports of bishops from all over the world on the state of their dioceses, reports of Catholic organizations and personal quizzes such asGod’s work Requests and information from Catholic NGOs, missions, schools associated with the Catholic world, institutions such as Caritas, and groups interested in evangelizing and protecting Christians in crisis areas (such as Help the Church in Need), Economic and financial information related to IOR, information exchange with Catholic-oriented media from around the world, trade union movements and appeals, Catholic workers’ rights bodies, and diplomatic relations. Gathering this knowledge allows the church to have one Overview The clear and clear global order, which made the Holy See and popes able to read in advance the dangers and dynamics of the contemporary era: from the threats associated with conflicts in the Middle East to the escalation of inequality in the global scale, to the impact of fragmentation and the pitfalls of full customs clearance Globalisation.

For Italy, direct and “pulse” access to this information heritage would represent a fundamental outcome and a factor capable of strengthening the national diplomatic effort in various areas of strategic value: let us think of the basin. Meditranio, About the role of the Italian Church in the contemporary world, it has often questioned itself, in the Middle East or in Africa, where the Holy See itself has become the current international diplomatic force. Moreover, Italy and the Vatican by inviting favor Multilateralism In international affairs. In 2015 La Silfta Cattolica, The Italian Journal of the Jesuits whose drafts have been previously approved or revised State writing The Vatican asserted that Italy in the twenty-first century did not know how to properly exploit the lever of relations with the Vatican: “Rome is a strategic place to demonstrate the“ soft power ”of religions, and Rome is also an“ ideal place. ”An exchange between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Religion, as the“ hub Of a “transnational network of religious links.” The importance of much dialogue and exchange of information within episcopal hierarchies should not be underestimated as follows: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -) Italian, It remains to this day the “common language” of the Holy See.

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Thus, the strengthening of the Vatican’s weight on a global scale could affect Italy’s clear vision of the world, its ability to project its influence, and its soft power. Catholics all over the world look at him Rome Hence inevitably Italy as the driving force of Christianity. There is no doubt that it is the Holy See, today, that sustains the weight of the city as a great city of global value. Catholics all over the world have the ability to enter a community. “DiagonalPiero Bassetti, businessman and ex-president of the Lombardy region, called them, borrowing a term already used to refer to all the ancient inhabitants who lived in Italy before the unification of the Romans: those who are drawn to Italy and who define their own identity also through our country. He has an eternal spirit too – and before Everything – to the connection of the navel with Vatican. His ecumenical vision today should also be a lesson of Italian diplomatic strategy. He is often excessive and unable to think about the national interest in a systemic perspective and look at Long times That the Church, from the Millennium Foundation, is officially chairing.

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